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The Easiest and Most Reliable Way to Transfer Any Size Video File, Anywhere, Fast.

Media Shuttle is an enterprise-grade SaaS solution but packaged and priced for any-sized business.

Why Media Shuttle?

  • Ease of Use – drag and drop interface – users won’t need a tutorial, training session, or even an explanation

  • Speed and reliability – our patented acceleration technology offers speeds up to 100 times faster than standard internet transfers such as FTP and includes checkpoint/restart functionality for reliability

  • No File Size Limits – Share any size file with speed and reliability

  • With a Media Shuttle subscription you can create an unlimited number of SEND, SHARE and SUBMIT portals for all your file transfer use cases


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Jai Cave, Head of Operations

“Whenever we talk with people on the frontlines – customers, partners and our own staff – there’s always more of a comfort level now that we’re sending media files over Media Shuttle.”

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