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The EASIEST way to send large files

Sending files with Media Shuttle is as simple as dragging and dropping them into a custom web page and clicking the transfer button. It’s so intuitive that your users will never need a tutorial, training session, or even an email explanation. Every minute counts when you’re up against a deadline, so why spend time and energy training users on how to send files of all things?

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Your business moves fast. Your content needs to move faster. Media Shuttle’s secret sauce (our proven file acceleration technology) literally speeds up transfers over public and private networks and can move your content up to 200 times faster than FTP.

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NO file size LIMITS

Media content files continue to get bigger and bigger – growing to 10′s and 100′s of GigaBytes – and are commonly part of daily workflows. Moving large and even extremely large files is our specialty! With Media Shuttle you don’t have to worry about compressing files, breaking them into smaller files, or loading them onto USB sticks or portable hard disks to get them where they need to go. Media Shuttle allows you to send any size file, anywhere, fast – NO LIMITS.

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It’s time your technology works for you and not the other way around. That’s why Media Shuttle comes with Checkpoint Restart that automatically retries or resumes failed transfers, so you don’t get stuck at the eleventh hour – or anytime for that matter. And just so you can stay on top of things, you’ll get email notifications when files are ready, or when the files have been downloaded.Just one less thing for you to worry about.

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Consolidate into a

In a world where you are constantly juggling projects and deadlines, you shouldn’t have to juggle technology too. With Media Shuttle you don’t have to think twice about which tool you or your team is going to use to send your content files. You can consolidate all your file transfers into one simple solution where you can keep track of all your file movement – and users – in one place. And now with the Media Shuttle mobile app, users can submit content – such as breaking news, sporting highlights, or user-generated video – into your production workflow directly from their iPhone or iPad. Go here to download the app.

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