Manager Interview

Matt Gaede, VP Sales

What are you responsible for at Signiant?

I’m responsible for the inside sales team. This includes overseeing our Business Development Representative and Account Executive teams. These team perform activities such as, making sure all of our leads get the proper number of touches with the correct messaging, qualifying over the phone and presenting products that best fit the prospects needs and problems, making sure we’re developing and executing on enough pipeline to hit our quarterly and annual goals.

Why did you decide to join Signiant?

I decided to join Signiant because of the opportunity I saw with the technology and market. At the time I joined, Signiant was just getting into Saas but they already had a strong name within Media and Entertainment. It gave us the chance to take advantage of a large portion of the market that the company hadn’t been able to go after before with an innovative new technology.

Describe your team?

The inside sales team is a hardworking, goal focused group that enjoys celebrating when we hit our targets. We pride ourselves on improving everyday and learning from our mistakes.

What are three things you would tell someone starting a job at Signiant?

  1. Introduce yourself to everyone. We have a really strong team and each person has something to contribute.
  2. Check your ego at the door. We’re all working toward a common goal and we need everyone to be open to new ideas and ways of things being done.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone needs it throughout their career and we have resources available to provide assistance.

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