Signiant Media Shuttle vs. MASV

Signiant is far and away the market leader in intelligent file transfer. More than 50,000 companies in nearly every country in the world use Media Shuttle every day, from smaller post production and VFX houses to global brands like BBC, Disney, NBCU, and NHL. If your business needs to move large, high-value assets with speed, reliability and security, the choice is clear – it’s Signiant.


Key Capabilities

Signiant Media Shuttle


Proprietary transport technology that eliminates latency and packet loss, delivering speeds up to 100X faster than standard transfer tools

Rock-solid reliability

Unlimited, custom-branded SEND, SHARE and SUBMIT portals

Search media assets across storage locations

Delegated administration

Preview media files

Committed to storage independence

Pre-transfer delivery spec validation with CloudSpeX

Bandwidth management


Signiant Media Shuttle vs. MASV: Pricing



A Media Shuttle subscription to the Signiant Platform provides simple, no-surprises pricing. We make it easy to do business with and we work with companies of all sizes. When you connect the Signiant Platform to on-prem storage, you get unlimited transfers with no file-size limits. When using cloud storage, every subscription includes a substantial amount of cloud payload.

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MASV pricing is based on a per GB transfer fee. That can be appealing for smaller projects or one-time use cases but those fees add up quickly when working with large media assets and longer projects. Many MASV customers end up switching to Signiant once their volumes go up as the economics of Signiant are far better at scale. Now that most projects are being shot in 4K or 8K, are those per GB fees really the way to go?

Signiant vs. MASV: Enterprise-Grade


Signiant Media Shuttle

Signiant software was designed from the ground up to scale with you as your business grows. Because our customers use our technology to move their most valuable assets, we take precautions to secure every layer involved in file movement. Our security technology and implementation regularly undergo extensive third-party reviews to ensure effective protection. Media Shuttle includes delegated administration. Each portal can have its own administrators who can easily add and remove users, customize portals and report on all activity. This makes the solution much easier to scale and manage across teams, projects and locations.



MASV is often used by smaller shops who later switch to Signiant as they grow. MASV simply isn’t the choice if you’re a large enterprise or if you work with larger enterprises such as studios, broadcasters and sports leagues. Your customers and partners are already using Signiant because it was built with enterprise strength.

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Signiant vs. MASV: Storage


We believe you know best how to store your valuable assets, and we’re committed to storage independence. Wherever your assets are physically stored, on-prem or in the cloud, your content always remains 100% in your control with Signiant. We don’t bundle or resell storage and with Signiant you can connect to any number of storage endpoints at no additional charge, offering easy, secure access to assets across, anywhere. Simply connect your storage to the Signiant Platform and your team will have fast, secure and reliable access to media assets wherever they may be.



With MASV, files are by default moved into storage that is bundled and operated by MASV. This is not only a security concern, it also means you can’t easily provide access to assets across storage locations. Most media companies have assets in multiple storage locations and want to keep assets in their storage under their control. If you have any on-prem storage – and most do – you will want to provide fast, secure access to that storage. MASV does not support on-prem storage. The lack of storage independence alone makes Signiant the obvious choice.

Signiant Platform Overview


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