Media Shuttle

The easiest way for people to access and share any-size file, on any storage, anywhere, fast.

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Affordable package for small to mid-sized businesses that will scale as your company grows. Media Shuttle works with your on-premises storage, your cloud storage or both.


For larger businesses operating at scale with complex networks and diverse, distributed storage environments. Advanced features include single sign-on, pre-transfer file validation, metadata handling, and access to APIs for integration with other systems.

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Media Shuttle never limits the size or format of files you can transfer. And we never limit or charge for bandwidth. Every Media Shuttle subscription comes with unlimited portals, allowing each of your teams to customize the design, function and permissions for all of their projects.


Signiant is not a storage provider, rather we support our customers’ storage choices, whether on premises, in the cloud or a combination of both. Media Shuttle can be used with your on-premises storage by installing our storage server software in your data center. For businesses with multiple locations, storage servers can be installed in each of your data centers at no additional charge.


Signiant partners with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Storage to offer cloud storage deployment options. Because Signiant runs the cloud infrastructure for you, there is no need to procure a server. Simply sign up for an AWS, Azure, or GCS account and connect your cloud storage to Media Shuttle. Every package includes a generous monthly cloud transfer allowance.


Media Shuttle is delivered as a cloud-native SaaS solution, which means that Signiant becomes an extension of your technical team. Our customer success team gets you up and running, our 24/7 DevOps team keeps you up and running, and our world-class customer support team is always available to address any challenge.

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