Ending the Signiant vs IBM Aspera Debate

Learn 10 reasons why the M&E industry chooses Signiant for file transfers and remote access

Times have changed, has IBM Aspera?

Signiant and Aspera (now wholly owned and operated by IBM) have both been providing accelerated file transfer solutions since the early 2000s. Both companies have proprietary acceleration technology that offers high speed, reliable transfers which can be 100 times faster than traditional methods such as FTP.

But now, Signiant is the market leader in intelligent file transfer. From its award-winning products, its leadership in cloud-native SaaS to unrivaled customer support, Signiant is the choice of the world’s top media companies.

Read The Signiant Advantage to learn why Signiant wins over other file acceleration software solutions:

  • 1. Market Leading Products

  • 2. Advanced Transport Technology

  • 3. Cloud and SaaS Innovation

  • 4. A Commitment to Storage Independence

  • 5. World Class Customer Support and 24/7 DevOps

and five more…

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Josh Derby, Group VP, Advanced Technology & Development

“Because of our global footprint, we’re always looking for ways to get programs around the world faster…Signiant was the first place we turned.”

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