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Women’s World Cup 2015: Testing ground for the next generation of television »

Japanese Company NHK has been developing 8K since 1995, including everything from cameras and mics to broadcast systems and receivers. The Women’s World Cup in Canada is one of its first large-scale testing grounds. NHK plans to continue the experiment at next year’s Super Bowl and Summer Olympics in preparation for full broadcast of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Continue reading

Fox Sports’ U.S. Open Coverage Uses Drones and Signiant Fast File Transfer »

Fox débuted it’s first coverage of the U.S. Open last weekend. And while they’ve received some mixed reviews, no one is arguing about their innovative technological approach to showcasing the full experience of professional golf, from drones to capture the course’s expansive scenes to hole mics to record the player’s most tense moments.
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Librarians Think Differently: Why we should all thank the Library of Congress »

Over the years, many of us at Signiant have come to greatly appreciate the work being done at The Library of Congress. With James H. Billington’s recent announcement of his pending retirement after 30 years as the Librarian of Congress, I wanted to express my gratitude for the utterly important and challenging mission they’ve undertaken as historians and librarians over the past several decades. The Library of Congress has the largest archive of knowledge in the world. Continue reading

More Than Just a Pretty Portal: Customization in Shuttle helps build trust »

With only a couple of clicks, portal administrators can change colors, add background graphics, move the form box, and create a fully branded web page to send and share content. And, because many of our customers are highly adept at high resolution imagery, we’ve seen some truly impressive portals. Continue reading

Stargate Studios highlights Media Shuttle on postPerspective »

Stargate Studios is a really impressive company, continuing to be successful after 25 years and having offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Vancouver, Toronto, Mexico City, London, Berlin, Cologne, Malta and Dubai. When asked how they’ve stayed in the game so long, Frankel shared advice about constantly reinventing yourself, your process and the tools you use. Continue reading