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The importance of usability for secure software »

Software security and User Experience Design are both popular subjects in tech media, but they usually draw different audiences and the important space where they overlap gets far less attention. After all, except for high-profile cyber breaches, software security is not nearly as trendy as “UX”. And thank goodness for the trend. Though we’ve come a long way, this 2007 Dilbert comic still holds some hilarious yet painful truth about how much we still need to improve user experience in regard to security measures. Continue reading

Now Available: Azure Support for Signiant Flight »

When initially released last summer, Signiant Flight (formerly SkyDrop) was available to integrate only with Amazon S3 storage. We are happy to announce that you can now quickly transfer large files to and from Microsoft Azure object storage as well (with Google Cloud support coming soon). Continue reading

Seven Reasons Why We Love Our Customers »

With Valentine’s Day upon us, we’ve been reflecting on our lives and the people we love. We know it’s a bit mushy, but we really do love our customers and wanted to share a few reasons why. Continue reading

RadicalMedia’s Seamless Digital Operations »

RadicalMedia is a multi-disciplinary company that produces everything from feature films and television to music videos and commercials. With post production studios in both New York and L.A., one of their biggest challenges used to be sending raw footage back and forth across the 3000 miles in order to divide workloads and take advantage of the different time zones. We recently had the opportunity to interview Radical and hear how much Signiant has improved their business, helping them achieve a longtime goal of seamless digital operations. Continue reading

The Super Bowl and File Acceleration, Seriously? »

Ok, so I’m an opportunist but I have to give a shout out to our New England Patriots, the XLIX Super Bowl Champions. BOOM go the Pats! Just for fun, I wanted to share an analogy between the Super Bowl victory and Accelerated File Transfer. Why? Because I’m a huge fan of both the Patriots (being a New England native) and handling the challenges of big data movement over the Internet, and hope that there are few others out there. Continue reading