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Producing Marketing Videos? Transfer big files like Emmy winners do »

Professional video production always involves numerous video transfers, even those that aren’t bound for an Emmy nomination. Files need to move from set to studio and often between many post-production artists before final delivery. Businesses that are creating video for marketing purposes — while they might not garner the viewership — can at least use the same large file transfer software as Emmy winners.

How Snippies’s video journalists around the world transfer big files »

Tom DiCerbo, Managing Partner at Snippies, published an article in TV Technology last week, capturing both the chaos of life before Media Shuttle and their experience using it.

IP at IBC: How Signiant solves the IP problem »

There’s been a lot of discussion around IP (internet protocol) technology at this year’s IBC conference. Here’s a little more detail on how Signiant solves the IP problem for large file video transfers.

The Art of the Hack debunks 20 information security myths »

Is our personal information more vulnerable than a year ago? 84 percent of Americans think so. In order to bring some light to the many information security myths that plague our paranoid nation, David Spark of Art of the Hack reached out to dozens of industry experts, including Signiant’s CTO Ian Hamilton.

5 Lessons on Large File Video Transfers »

Many industries need to regularly send and share large video files, from film and television production to business marketing, training and safety videos. If you’re involved in video production for your company, here are a few things you should know.