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The Biggest Barrier to Big Data Analytics with Hadoop »

The biggest barrier to big data analysis with Hadoop is often getting data to a place where it’s accessible for analysis in the first place. Last week, our CTO Ian Hamilton addressed the topic in some depth for Data Informed, an online publication covering big data and analytics for business and IT professionals. Continue reading

Google starts to wave goodbye to plug-ins »

Unfortunately, with the recent release of Chrome version 42, Google has begun the process of discontinuing support for plug-ins. This change will impact all Media Shuttle, Media Exchange and Transfer API users that are using Chrome version 42+. Continue reading

Harbor Picture Company gives New York film production a new edge »

Over the past decade, New York has been slowly gaining on Los Angeles in terms of local film and television production. Mostly due to the Empire State Film Production Tax Credit launched in 2004, New York reported record numbers of local film projects in both 2013 and 2014, while Los Angeles experienced a slowdown. Yet, despite its iconic cityscape and talented artists, NYC still has a ways to go before catching up. Continue reading

The sexiest story in the cloud is connected cows, and other takeaways from Microsoft Build »

Microsoft’s annual conference for developers, Microsoft Build, has traditionally been very much for Microsoft developers. However, the last few years have seen the conference — and the corporation — taking a much more open approach. Two of the Signiant executive team were in San Francisco for last week’s version and brought back some fresh excitement for the direction Microsoft is taking under the leadership of Satya Nadella. Continue reading

Move Large Files Fast: Overcoming the challenge of transferring huge unstructured data sets »

From the first data to the data explosion…

Humans have been generating data since we first began writing thousands of years ago. Independently developed in at least two places (Ancient Sumer around 3200 BCE and Mesoamerica around 600 BCE), the first kinds of writing mostly recorded trade transactions, only later becoming a medium for poetry and lore. Continue reading