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Simple, Connector-Based

Jet pricing is designed to be simple and predictable. Jet customers purchase an annual subscription that provides a pack of CONNECTORS, which are virtual tokens that are consumed when routes are created. A route defines a two-way communication link between endpoints; each route requires two connectors, one at each end.

Designed for Cost Sharing with Partners

Connector-based pricing provides customers with predictable costs and a straightforward planning model. If a company needs to exchange content with a partner, each respective company can contribute a connector and Jet will securely enable the mutually-approved inter-company route. This allows for cost sharing via a “you buy one connector, I buy one connector” model.

No Limits or Extra Charges

Signiant never places limits on the amount of data transferred or bandwidth used. And we never charge you extra to utilize your full bandwidth.

Additionally, for every route you establish, Jet allows for an unlimited number of jobs to be created. Jet allows you to add an unlimited number of jobs to every route you build."

For Companies of All Sizes

Jet pricing is designed to work for companies of all sizes. To get a quote, please contact us and let us know how many locations you intend to exchange data with and a Signiant rep can provide the right package. Ask about our special pricing for startups and Media Shuttle customers.

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