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Pricing and Packaging

Jet is packaged and priced for any-sized business and is easy to deploy and operate at any scale. Let’s have a quick conversation to discuss your requirements so we can provide the best option for your business.


Affordable package for small to mid-sized businesses that will scale as your company grows. Jet works with your on-premises storage, your cloud storage or both.



For larger businesses operating at scale with complex networks and diverse, distributed storage environments. Advanced features include support for bandwidth management and relays as well as support for network environments with outbound only restrictions.


What You Get:

  • Simple and Predictable

    Jet pricing is designed to be simple and predictable. Jet customers purchase an annual subscription that provides a pack of connectors, which are virtual tokens that are consumed when routes are created. A route defines a two-way communication link between endpoints; each route requires two connectors, one at each end. An entry level Jet subscription includes plenty of connectors to get started and you can move up to a higher tier at any time as your business needs evolve.

    A diagram showing how Jet works.
  • Designed for Cost Sharing with Partners

    If a company needs to exchange content with a partner, each respective company can contribute a connector and Jet will securely enable the mutually-approved inter-company route. This allows for cost sharing via a “you buy one connector, I buy one connector” model.

  • No Surprises

    When moving content between on-premises storage locations, there are absolutely no limits on the amount of data transferred. When moving data into and out of public cloud storage, every package includes a generous cloud transfer allowance which can be shared across your Signiant SaaS products. There are never limits on file sizes or any constraints on bandwidth.

  • For Companies of All Sizes

    Jet pricing is designed to work for companies of all sizes. Let’s have a quick conversation about your requirements so we can provide the best option for your business. Ask about our special pricing for startups and existing Media Shuttle customers.

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