Pricing & Packaging

Pricing & Packaging

With more than 50,000 media & entertainment companies worldwide, Media Shuttle is designed for organizations of all sizes, with flexible pricing and easy deployment and operation.

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Fast, Secure & Reliable. No Limits. Connects to your On-Prem and/or Cloud Storage. Easy to Deploy, Operate & Use.


Starting at $710/month

Pre-negotiated rate billed annually

The SMB subscription includes:

  • Unlimited send, share and submit branded portals
  • Unlimited transfers in and out of on-prem storage
  • 25TBs of cloud payload transfers when using AWS, GCP or Azure storage
  • No bandwidth caps
  • Unlimited users for the first year


Starting at $4200/month

Pre-negotiated rate billed annually

Everything in the SMB package plus:

  • Single sign-on
  • Pre-transfer file validation
  • Custom metadata forms
  • Access to automation APIs and the Media Shuttle SDK
  • 200TBs of cloud payload

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VFX Legion

James Hattin, Founder & Creative Director

“Not having to pay any kind of per gigabyte charge on egress fees allows us to know exactly how much we are spending annually on both bandwidth and storage. Knowing our expenses allows us to win more clients, which in the end is the ROI measure that matters most.”

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DigitalFilm Tree

Nancy Jundi, COO & CFO

“It is a backbone of our daily operations and we’ve not had a hiccup with that. Media Shuttle, for us, is incredibly ubiquitous. It’s in everything, like water.”

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Blazing Griffin

Paul Martin, Technical Operations Manager

“As somebody who’s administrating lots of different systems, I can have another tech come in and show them the interface and go, ‘Give that person permission for that amount of time and set an expiration.’ It’s super simple. There’s no command line. They don’t have to know backends and servers. It’s well laid out and the interface is nice.”

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Janson Media

Jesse Janson, EVP Acquisitions & Development

“We knew we wanted either Signiant or Aspera. At the time, it really came down to pricing. [Signiant] Media Shuttle’s entry-level package was significantly better than Aspera’s, which enabled us to start small, test the waters, and see if the solution would be the right fit for us, without spending too much right off the bat. Plus, Signiant was really easy to work with and took the time to understand our business.”

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