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  • Customer Support

    At Your Service: Best Practices in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

    SRE takes responsibility for everything properly working for customers at all times — which translates into monitoring a large number of systems and automated processes. Signiant’s SRE team built up operational excellence over several years as we transitioned to SaaS.
  • Customer Support

    At Your Service: Best Practices in Customer Success

    Signiant is especially committed to a high services standard, delivered through the aforementioned three teams that work along-side Signiant product development and our customers. Let’s explore SaaS’ impact on Customer Success.
  • Customer Support

    At Your Service: How Signiant Customer Support Achieves a 90+ NPS Year After Year

    Customer Support is the group tying all Signiant product teams together, a key service in any software company. M&E is a dynamic and challenging industry, and those who succeed most often are those who have an infrastructure to match that.
  • Media City, in the United Kingdom, at night.

    TV Technology on SaaS and the future of the media facility

    Kovalick points to the time it takes to transfer large files into the cloud as one of the biggest “shortfalls” to SaaS adoption in media. “For media apps, constrained access bandwidth poses the biggest problem (i.e. 4K editing). Usually the media is first uploaded to the server location, which could take days for some workloads,”
  • An aerial view of clouds over Alaska.

    The benefits and risk of true cloud-born software

    What makes true cloud-born software different from software that is simply rebranded with the buzzword “cloud” and wrapped in a virtual machine? This blog covers the major benefits of true cloud software and the growing concern about file security.