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  • Citizen journalism and the new technology of accountability

    Last year, Guardian Journalist Paul Lewis gave a moving TED talk on the rise of citizen journalism, explaining the power of people around the world recording their environment and telling their own story. Lewis’s talk seems all the more appropriate today with so much activism happening against a backdrop of civil unrest. “Citizen journalism and this technology has inserted a new layer of accountability into our world,” says Lewis. Through two powerful examples of murder and cover-up exposed via citizen journalism, Lewis explains both best practices and the transformative role citizen journalism is playing in 21st century news gathering.
  • The Consumerization of IT: Are illicit cloud apps risking your business security?

    There is a delicate balancing act going on in organizations between employees adopting cloud applications to help them do their job and IT’s need to secure the corporate network. This often results in employees downloading apps without approval. In fact, a report by Netskope found that there is an average of 461 cloud applications running in the enterprise — almost ten times more than IT had estimated. To change this dynamic, business groups and IT need to work together to meet the productivity requirements of the business while satisfying the security needs of the organization.
  • You have a handle on BYOD, but what about BYOFS?

    There has been a lot of talk about employees bringing their own devices (BYOD), like smart phones and tablets, to work. A new threat has recently emerged where employees are “bringing” their own online file sharing service to work (BYOFS). In other words, they are using online file sharing services to store and distribute corporate documents, and organizations have no visibility or control over access to those services. Signiant can help you be proactive and minimize risk for your organization, without compromising simplicity and reliability for your employees.
  • Our cloud credo

    At a recent industry event, someone asked me “What is Signiant’s position on the cloud?”. At first this seemed like a silly question. After all, the days are long gone when cloud technology was seen as a pro-or-con issue. But on reflection, our company *does* have strong opinions on this topic; the fact that we’ve taken a stand is one of the reasons we’re seen as leaders in the cloud arena. I should be able to articulate these views, so herewith our Cloud Credo. This is what we believe…
  • Hide the nerd knobs

    The last year has been crazy and exciting for Signiant with the introduction of Media Shuttle. Here’s a snapshot of the highlights.