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    Signiant’s May M&E Events

    Virtual events, webcasts, and online exhibitions continue in May, and Signiant is excited to participate alongside industry leaders and innovators!
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    Accelerated innovation: What Signiant predicts for the 2021 horizon

    As we head into 2021, it doesn’t appear companies are looking back, but rather are reflecting on what they learned and are now focused on shoring-up those workflows and tools.
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    OTT streaming’s quarantine ascendency continues with a boost from Nielsen

    As streaming has become an increasingly valuable asset across M&E, and proved to be an extremely effective means of distribution, Nielsen’s acknowledgement feels like an official baptism of OTT productions.
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    What COVID-19 and the 2007 Writers Strike have in common

    M&E is an immensely dynamic industry, and the most successful enterprises within it have always proven themselves to be adaptable, flexible, and unafraid to think outside the box. Examples of disruption in the past — such as the 2007-2008 Writers Strike — offer a valuable handbook to how to approach moments of uncertainty.
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    Streaming under COVID-19: a changing landscape

    Ultimately, it goes without saying that COVID-19 has changed a great deal in the life of people all around the world, exposing infrastructure shortcomings and pushing industries into precarious and transformative positions. Streaming has played a major role in this.
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    The OTT production wars are on and one thing is clear: content remains king

    There are a great number of considerations that go into providing content that viewers want to watch, come back to, obsess over, and being able to work alongside the creative partners who can help make the best shows and films available is absolutely essential.
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    The demand for niche, local OTT content that’s driving the ultimate human-interest story

    The popularity of OTT content remains unabated, driving innovation in not only consumer viewing experiences but the way media and entertainment companies create and deliver content.