The Pandemic Series

2020: a year in review

Customers are always forefront on our minds, but 2020 raised that to new heights. From conversations throughout the M&E landscape, along with a look at the metrics on our SaaS platform, we are proud of the role Signiant’s software played in helping our customers adapt quickly.

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Will COVID-19 Change the Way We Work?

This report, the culmination a four-month collaboration to survey and analyze how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the media industry, presents the overall findings and sets them in the context of how the wider business community has responded to several months of enforced remote working.

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Ways of Working: Views from a Crisis | A DPP/Signiant Report

As the world entered into remote working new questions emerged. How would our industry adjust? How are we feeling as events enfold over time? Where do we go from here? We set out to determine just that. Signiant is proud to work with the DPP to help tell this story as the industry navigates these historic and uncertain events.

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Just Below the Surface

“On the outside, we appear calm, cool, and collected. But inside, there is volatility, constant emotional swings, and sudden shifts.”

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Will COVID-19 change the way we work — forever?

From Signiant and the DPP: The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the media industry – like all industries – is huge and unprecedented. One of the most immediate impacts is the need for almost every company to adopt remote working, using cloud-based tools.

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