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FTP slowing you down? Download the new eGuide on the 7 Pitfalls of Relying on FTP to Move Large Media Files.

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  • Signiant Workflows Embrace the Cloud

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  • Integration Between Signiant and Avid Interplay | MAM Enables Easy Access To High-speed Transfers

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  • Signiant Product Innovations Support Customer Demand for Storage Independence

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  • M+A Growing File Support: Start moving large video files as soon as you press record

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  • Who Won Adobe’s Race to the Cloud? Racing Large file S3 uploads at Adobe Summit

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Signiant Executives Explain – Part 2: The Signiant Product Portfolio

Get all the answers and learn the ins and outs of Signiant’s complete accelerated file transfer portfolio in part two… read more

Larger files sizes, the move to the cloud and Signiant product updates were the news at IBC 2016

Take a look at this IBC Daily video by TVBEurope, featuring Greg Hoskin, managing director of Signiant’s sales in EMEA… read more

Intercontinental Content at Scale

A majority of Turner International’s content is produced in the U.S. and edited before making its way to viewers around… read more


Signiant SaaS Allows Chimney Group to Move Large Media Files Quickly and Securely for Film, Broadcast and Advertising Clients

Signiant today announced that Stockholm-based production and post production firm Chimney Group has adopted Media Shuttle to move large media… read more

Signiant Innovations Enable Smooth Transitions to Next-Generation Technology

At the IBC 2016 Conference and Exhibition, Signiant Inc, (14.L08) will be demonstrating product enhancements across its accelerated file transfer… read more

Signiant Workflows Embrace The Cloud

Signiant today announced the availability of a pre-built workflow that provides tight integration with the Microsoft Azure Media Services (AMS)… read more

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