Company Profile

What Makes Us Different?

Used today by more of the world’s top broadcasters, studios, media service providers, sports networks and game developers, Signiant delivers software solutions that facilitate the movement of large media files between users, applications and systems with proven ease and security – from pre-production content and mobile news to finished-format movies, trailers and TV episodics.

Acceleration, Automation, Security and Control

Unlike fragmented, first-generation file transport solutions that have proliferated ad hoc networks and disparate, unmanaged transport mechanisms, Signiant’s software and services are uniquely tuned for the media enterprise. This focus is evident in our scalable solutions, on-staff knowledge of broadcast and media operations, and growing ecosystem of technology partnerships to help customers leverage existing infrastructure investments for more efficient and secure content creation, aggregation and multiplatform distribution. In contrast to general purpose file-sharing applications that do not provide the level of automation, acceleration, security and control that media enterprises today require.

Move Your Largest Files Anywhere Fast

Signiant’s compatible product suite is uniquely tuned for moving very large files easily, and addresses the full spectrum of secure, accelerated file movement needs — from 30-second TV spots and 2-hour HD documentaries to scientific data sets and software development environments.

Easy to Use, Cloud-based File Sharing in a Subscription Model

The newest addition to Signiant’s product portfolio, Media Shuttle is subscription-based software for accelerated movement of large files between users. It’s patent-pending hybrid SaaS architecture delivers powerfully simple user interfaces delivered from cloud, while maintaining content within the secure control of your internal network. This gives workgroups of all sizes the convenience and ease of use of cloud file sharing services without file size limits or the security risks associated with storing high-value assets in the cloud.

System-to-System File Movement with Workflow Automation

Managers+Agents is a powerful, system-to-system solution designed to handle the administration, control, management and execution of all system activity – including workflow modeling – from a single platform. Ideal for batch transfers of large numbers of media files, users interact with the Manager through a Web-based interface for system configuration, task automation and reporting.  Agents are installed on the sending and receiving ends to manage and track content movement.


Person to System/System to Person File Transfer

Media Exchange is private cloud solution for sharing media assets with your broader partner ecosystem.  Based on the same file transfer technology as Signiant’s Manager system-to-system solution, Media Exchange lets users easily automate the secure, unattended delivery of content directly to/from any desktop or mobile device without an agent, reducing the steps required to send or obtain content for greater operational efficiency and scale.

Why Signiant?

Headquartered in the U.S with offices and partners worldwide, Signiant delivers:

  • A unified enterprise software suite for automating, managing, accelerating and securing the movement of high-value digital content across the media enterprise
  • Scalability to thousands of  users, millions of files and terabytes of data on private and public networks
  • Powerfully simple user experiences for Web, desktop and mobile devices
  • Patent-pending cloud technology that ensures content protection and visibility
  • Increased bandwidth efficiency for moving very large files over existing networks (predictability, control)
  • Expertise in building efficient, scalable file-based workflow automation for some of the world’s largest broadcasters, studios and media companies.