Case Studies

Case Studies

Hearst Television gains a “tremendous advantage” with Signiant’s private cloud solution, Managers+Agents »

Hearst’s new system—called UploadSpot—leverages Managers+Agents from Signiant to deliver a private cloud solution that centralizes ingest processing, and distribution across the 29 Hearst US local stations. Using the UploadSpot system, local commercials to be aired on a particular station are delivered directly to the Centrally Hosted systems, instead of the local station. Continue reading

Media Shuttle becomes a “mission-critical tool” for NRK »

At NRK, Norway’s national broadcasting company, transferring huge media files to and from the company’s archives, broadcasters, and contributors is a critical part of day-to-day operations. When its annual comedy awards competition required a better way than FTP or custom coded APIs to ingest and review submissions, NRK embraced Signiant Media Shuttle and found its turnkey portal creation and simple end-user interface had an enormous impact on their workflows and overall business. Continue reading

London-based global broadcaster creates a new pathway for high-speed, large file delivery »

This broadcaster operates in 77 countries, available in over 60 million homes, in 15 languages, and centers its business on fast, efficient delivery of content from the US to other geographies, where programs must be edited, dubbed and subtitled anew for regional rebroadcast, then sent to regional playout center partners. Delivering the entire US catalog of programming content across the world via the corporate network is no small undertaking—nor is the daily workload of sending numerous large files of between 2 GB to 12 GB each to colleagues and partners. Continue reading

Post Office Films finds success with large file movement software »

Post Office Films is a post-production house based in Budapest, Hungary and works with hundreds of films and production houses spanning the globe. They are accustom to the challenges of trying to transfer large media files (as much as 2 TB of video files in a single day), and often juggle three or four productions at one time. They sorely needed an FTP replacement — it was slow and cumbersome — and had resorted to shipping physical media and flying in editors. Continue reading

Signiant Collaborates with XOS Digital for Innovative Sports Recruiting Application »

Signiant’s file movement software provides a reliable technology platform for XOS Digital to capture video of high school football players in action and other related content and then distribute the content to college sports recruiters. The Signiant system enables field capture and distribution of content as well as support for XOS Digital’s video service. Continue reading