Case Studies

XOS Digital »

Signiant’s file movement software provides a reliable technology platform for XOS Digital to capture video of high school football players in action and other related content and then distribute the content to college sports recruiters. The Signiant system enables field capture and distribution of content as well as support for XOS Digital’s video service. Continue reading

SDI Media Group »

Given its broad industry reach, SDI sought a solution that was widely accepted by the media and entertainment industry. With Signiant, the company felt secure knowing that many of the world’s leading broadcasters and studios entrust their digital media management to Signiant. Continue reading

NBC & The Royal Wedding »

For the royal wedding coverage, editors were able to create preliminary cuts of raw footage in London using Avid Media Composer, and then activate the Signiant-ATM transfer from within the Avid software. In New York, editors were able to directly access the footage in minutes, and then perform final editing to cut the video into breaking news or nightly features on the wedding. Continue reading

Premier Media Group »

Signiant’s software helps Premier Media Group distribute a diverse amount of content from various sources across the globe through peer-to-peer content movement within the FOX, Sky and the wider News family, in addition to easily exchanging content with other key partners. Continue reading

National Football League (NFL) »

Using Signiant, NFL Films footage from each game can be uploaded to a secure, shared, digital storage folder to be reviewed and edited by NFL Network employees. These clips are then securely sent across a high-speed, Wide Area Network (WAN) spanning almost 3,000 miles. Continue reading