The easiest and most reliable way to send any size file, anywhere, fast.

The EASIEST way to send large files

Sending files with Media Shuttle is as simple as dragging and dropping them into a custom web page and clicking the transfer button. It’s so intuitive that your users will never need a tutorial, training session, or even an email explanation. Every minute counts when you’re up against a deadline, so why spend time and energy training users on how to send files of all things?


Your business moves fast. Your content needs to move faster. Media Shuttle’s secret sauce (our proven file acceleration technology) literally speeds up transfers over public and private networks and can move your content up to 200 times faster than FTP.

NO file size LIMITS

Media content files continue to get bigger and bigger – growing to 10′s and 100′s of GigaBytes – and are commonly part of daily workflows. Moving large and even extremely large files is our specialty! With Media Shuttle you don’t have to worry about compressing files, breaking them into smaller files, or loading them onto USB sticks or portable hard disks to get them where they need to go. Media Shuttle allows you to send any size file, anywhere, fast – NO LIMITS.


It’s time your technology works for you and not the other way around. That’s why Media Shuttle comes with Checkpoint Restart that automatically retries or resumes failed transfers, so you don’t get stuck at the eleventh hour – or anytime for that matter. And just so you can stay on top of things, you’ll get email notifications when files are ready, or when the files have been downloaded. Just one less thing for you to worry about.

Consolidate into a SINGLE SOLUTION

In a world where you are constantly juggling projects and deadlines, you shouldn’t have to juggle technology too. With Media Shuttle you don’t have to think twice about which tool you or your team is going to use to send your content files. You can consolidate all your file transfers into one simple solution where you can keep track of all your file movement – and users – in one place. And now with the Media Shuttle mobile app, users can submit content – such as breaking news, sporting highlights, or user-generated video – into your production workflow directly from their iPhone or iPad. Go here to download the app.

HYBRID SAAS architecture

Media Shuttle is subscription based file-transfer software delivered with our patent-pending hybrid SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) architecture. Simply put, all the logistics of file movement are managed by our cloud software, and the content files are stored in the location that you choose. With Media Shuttle, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose your storage location – on-premises or in the cloud – and you’ll never be locked into a single online storage provider.


After purchasing Media Shuttle, and with the help of a Signiant customer onboarding specialist, the first step to get started is to install the ‘file pump’ software on your network server. From there you will allocate and assign your portals with URLs and administrators. As you’re assigning each portal you will choose one of three modes to move your files:

SEND: enabled for person to person file transfer.

SHARE: allows user to upload and download files within designated folders.

SUBMIT: provides an onramp for users to submit files to a workflow process, including a mobile app to submit news directly from the field.

Once the portal is allocated, the administrator will automatically receive an email with a link to the portal and they can login and manage customization, file movement and user access.

Customizing PORTALS

What is a portal? The portal in Media Shuttle is the web page where users send, share or submit files; and administrators manage customization, file movement and user access. All portals are assigned and allocated with the client’s installed software; however the portal web pages are hosted and delivered by Signiant’s cloud software and infrastructure. As a result, administrators can make changes to branding of the portal or user accessibility on the fly. They also have visibility into all of the transactions completed with Media Shuttle – when and what files have been sent and by whom.

USING Media Shuttle

Sending, sharing, or submitting a file with Media Shuttle is so intuitive that users will never need a tutorial, training session, or even an email explanation. Once a user is added to your portal, they will receive an email with a link to the portal page. On their first visit to the portal page they will be prompted to install a simple plugin; then all they have to do is drag files to or from the webpage as appropriate.  Media Shuttle also has a mobile app that allows users to submit content directly from their iPhone or iPad. Go here to download the app.

Signiant’s powerful TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM

Signiant has been helping the world’s largest media and entertainment companies move petabytes of data for the last decade. Although Media Shuttle is relatively new to our portfolio, it is built on the same powerful technology platform that companies like Disney, ESPN, Fox and many others rely on to securely move their files. This foundation includes acceleration, security, scalability, elasticity, and resource management.

 Media Shuttle has helped us be more flexible in our own processes – to work much quicker to meet clients’ deadlines and avoid situations where content may not reach its destination at all.  Whenever we talk with people on the frontlines – customers, partners and our own staff – there’s always more of a comfort level now that we’re sending media files over Media Shuttle. Plus, it’s given us more visibility into the volumes of content that are moving through the system.

Adam Jakubowski, Technical Operations Manager, Smoke & Mirrors

 Solutions we have used in the past have been painful due to the lack of automation features and overall reliability. With a company of our size, automation and reporting features are a must.  We work under tight time constraints and staff who are working on multiple projects regularly need to send files back and forth. Media Shuttle provides the ability to work autonomously and in turn, our business runs more efficiently because we are able to manage several projects with a variety of partners in dispersed locations.

John Stevens, Director of Engineering, MTI Film

 Media Shuttle was easy to set up without IT intervention, even easier to use, and lets us leverage both the public and private cloud. 

Tony Gill, Director of Operations

 We have filmmakers in far-flung locales around the world submitting content on-the-fly, and we need to make the submission process as easy as possible for them. With Media Shuttle, we’re able to transfer large files quickly in any form, access them anywhere and not limit the type of content received. We want our filmmakers focused on creating their content, and not file delivery. Media Shuttle lets them really embrace the lifestyle they are filming – last-minute deadlines, living in the instant, capturing the moment. 

Woody MacPhail, Producer

 Media Shuttle is as intuitive as it looks. There’s no need for me to send out emailed instructions on how to use it – I send a link, the client clicks on it, they retrieve the file from our branded portal, and the transfer is done. With one client, the very first time we used Media Shuttle to deliver a file, they phoned to ask what this product was and how they might be able to use it in their own operations. 

Roy Machado, Owner

 We installed Media Shuttle as a replacement for our current file transfer services because it’s a far more robust solution for our team and our clients. Media Shuttle gives us the flexibility to transfer large files in and out of the facility and opens up new workflows for us in the future, whilst ensuring that all content remains on a local server on our premises.

Jai Cave, Head of Operations

 The amazing thing about Media Shuttle is that even with all its power and security, it’s still an absolute breeze to use. 

Ely Garcia, Chief Technology Officer, Cisneros

 As a subscription-based solution, Media Shuttle lets us avoid sizeable capital outlays. After working for years with customers like Marvel and NFL Films who routinely send us large digital files using Signiant’s solutions, it’s a delight to be able to access all of the key capabilities of Signiant in an affordable, easy to use tool like Media Shuttle. 

George Rizkallah, Founder and CEO

 With other solutions we face limitations on the size of the files we can transfer and the number of users that can collaborate on a project. Media Shuttle is our ‘go to’ file transfer solution and we regularly use it for our most time sensitive and top priority projects, like the Metallica movie. It is flexible, extremely intuitive, lets us easily manage users, and work from multiple locations; and it does not inhibit our workflow in any way.

Todd Cogan, SVP of Operations, Venture 3D. 


Media Shuttle is a SaaS offering, sold via annual subscription based on the number of users.

Small Business: Media Shuttle is an extremely cost-effective solution for even the smallest facilities.  We have special packages designed to align with the business dynamics and budget constraints of small businesses.  Help us understand your needs, and we’ll show you some compelling options.

Business: Most customers buy Media Shuttle via an annual subscription based on the number of active users who use the system.  This unique consumption-based model helps ensure that you’re only paying for users who extract value in a given month – and tiered pricing provides deep discounts as the number of users increases.

Enterprise: Many of the world’s largest media enterprises have adopted Media Shuttle as the company-wide solution for file movement.  If you’re considering a large-scale deployment, we’ll work with you to determine a high-volume price that works for your business


Signiant has chosen a unique licensing model designed especially for the media and entertainment industry. User-based pricing makes a lot of sense for Media Shuttle, but we know that workforces ebb and flow in the media business. Our model ensures that you only pay for the people that are actively using Media Shuttle, and we don’t charge you for occasional one-time users.  Our definition of an active user is someone who sends at least one file, or receives three or more files in a given month.


Your Media Shuttle annual subscription is essentially a pool of floating licenses that is shared across your organization, and only active users consume a license.  Unlike the common model that locks a license to a specific user, the floating license concept gives you the flexibility to have the same users every month for the duration of your subscription – or to change users month over month.


Because there’s no cost unless someone is actively using the system, you don’t need to control the number of people who have access to Media Shuttle portals.  We refer to people with access as “members”: A member is anyone who has been added to a Media Shuttle portal by an administrator, or who has sent or received a file. There is no charge for members and you can add as many people as you want.  In organizations where Media Shuttle is deployed at scale, most employees who touch professional video content are members of one or more portals.


Media Shuttle license are sold in annual subscription blocks of 15 or more users, and the price per user decreases with volume.  Simply estimate how many active users your organization will need and choose the corresponding tier.   It’s not critical to be precise.   You can always contact Signiant to switch to a higher tier as adoption grows, and as described below we will automatically invoice you for monthly overages.


Since Media Shuttle is a SaaS solution, we maintain the service for you, including monitoring the number of active users every month. Every month you will receive a detailed invoice that includes the number of licenses in the tier you purchased, active users for the month and a count of all members listed in Media Shuttle. The statement makes it easy for you to analyze the number of active users and determine if you need to change your subscription based on current and future demand for Media Shuttle.

We also make it simple to add users above your selected tier for a high demand period. You do not have to call Signiant or do anything on your side to activate a member. A member can immediately begin using Media Shuttle and we will add them as part of the active user count in next month’s statement and charge you at your current tier. Media Shuttle seamlessly scales for you, another benefit of a SaaS solution.


Media Shuttle’s unique license model provides media and entertainment professionals with distinctive benefits, including:

  • A close connection between the cost of Media Shuttle and the value received because you only pay for people who are actively using the system, not for every person who might occasionally use it.
  • Media Shuttle provides a low administrative burden because you do not need to manage the number of registered members or active users. You can add as many members as you want at no charge and have as many active users as demand dictates. 
  • Signiant’s unique model aligns with the dynamic nature of media and entertainment businesses that have a changing group of people working throughout a project.
  • With Media Shuttle you can choose the model that best fits your business – a fixed vs. variable cost model –providing you greater flexibility than a purely fixed license model.