Case Studies

Harbor Picture Company: A New York premium brand enables next generation collaborative workflows »

Harbor Picture Company has designed and built some of the most state-of-the-art post production facilities in New York City. They already occupy 50,000 square feet of space in Soho, and just broke ground on New York’s largest scale theatrical mix stage and premier screening room outfitted with Atmos, 3-D, and 4K projection. Harbor also recently deployed Signiant’s Media Shuttle, a hybrid SaaS large file transfer solution to address a critical aspect of the next phase in their business growth.

Local Hero Post: A boutique post production studio closes the digital gap in end-to-end feature film production »

Local Hero Post has been a file-based studio since opening their first location in Hollywood nearly a decade ago, during the RED camera revolution’s genesis of professional digital filmmaking. However, like many media companies, they struggled with a critical technology gap trying to send large and numerous high resolution files.

RadicalMedia: A leading global media studio achieves their longtime goal: seamless digital operations »

RadicalMedia is a multi-disciplinary company that crafts notably moving content such as feature films, television, commercials, music videos, documentaries and digital programming. The company long dreamed of becoming a seamless digital studio across their bicoastal and international locations. We worked with them to not only achieve that goal, but also put in place a fully bandwidth-optimized system. Now, they turn out their sought after work much faster and with far less stress.

Hearst Television gains a “tremendous advantage” with Signiant’s private cloud solution, Managers+Agents »

Hearst’s new system—called UploadSpot—leverages Managers+Agents from Signiant to deliver a private cloud solution that centralizes ingest processing, and distribution across the 29 Hearst US local stations. Using the UploadSpot system, local commercials to be aired on a particular station are delivered directly to the Centrally Hosted systems, instead of the local station.

London-based global broadcaster creates a new pathway for high-speed, large file delivery »

This broadcaster operates in 77 countries, available in over 60 million homes, in 15 languages, and centers its business on fast, efficient delivery of content from the US to other geographies, where programs must be edited, dubbed and subtitled anew for regional rebroadcast, then sent to regional playout center partners. Delivering the entire US catalog of programming content across the world via the corporate network is no small undertaking—nor is the daily workload of sending numerous large files of between 2 GB to 12 GB each to colleagues and partners.