From On-Premises to Hybrid SaaS, Signiant has Large File Transfer Software for Every Need

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Media Shuttle

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Transfer Large Files

Do you need to send big files efficiently, securely, and easily? Media Shuttle is the fastest way to transfer large digital assets. In this data sheet, you’ll learn how to control your storage, gain great visibility and control, and consolidate your file movement into a single solution.

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Signiant Flight 

Accelerate Transfer of Large Files Into and Out of Cloud Storage

Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and/or Google Cloud Platform

Amazon S3, Azure, and similar cloud storage solutions are increasingly important for modern businesses, but avoiding latency issues, dealing with multiple platforms, and handling scalability can be difficult. Learn how Signiant Flight accelerates the movement of large data sets into and out of cloud storage.

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Manage File Delivery Specifications and Asset Validation in the Cloud

CloudSpeX is an application for use with Media Shuttle and Managers+Agents file transfer software that validates format compliance before file transfer to save your time and resources. Learn how you can lower rejection rates and better manage the volume and complexity of delivery specifications.

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System-to-System Media Movement, Management, Automation and Control

Managers+Agents provides sophisticated media delivery that scales as your business scales. Managers allows users to can exchange content and metadata files with other users and systems and regardless of location or file size, and Agents manage and track movement. Learn more in this data sheet.

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Media Exchange

On-Premises Enterprise Software to Transfer Large Files Fast and Securely

With Media Exchange, organizations can transfer media assets efficiently and securely over IP networks without extensive IT support. Learn about Media Exchange’s standard features and core components in this data sheet.

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