Media Shuttle’s Security White Paper

Leaders in media and entertainment depend on Signiant to move petabytes of high-value digital content every day. Our customers trust us with their intellectual property, delivery timelines, and ultimately their reputation. But mostly they simply want a solution that allows them to focus on their work, without having to track the security of it. Effective security is complicated, however — it must encompass all aspects of product development and daily operations, and requires thoughtful application of both policy and technology.

This white paper provides an overview of the security architecture and service operations of Signiant’s Media Shuttle hybrid SaaS solution.

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High-Speed Bridge to Cloud Storage

Addressing throughput bottlenecks with Signiant Flight

Cloud data storage is being rapidly adopted by companies that produce large amounts of data and digital assets. But traditional approaches to file movement to and from the cloud are impeding an otherwise innovative step forward. This eBook addresses the reasons why, and introduces Signiant Flight, a SaaS solution for accelerated transfer of content to and from cloud storage.

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Today's Reality

Today’s Reality for Moving Large Content Files

Why Every Media Firm Can (and Should) Use Enterprise-class File Transfer Software

Cloud computing is revolutionizing software for Media & Entertainment, making technology that was once only available with enterprise budgets and multiple data centers accessible to small and mid-sized companies. This recent evolution has had a direct impact on the way companies send and share content around the world. With modern SaaS enabled large file transfer solutions, every media company can afford to participate in the global media marketplace.

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What is “Cloud Washed?”

Signiant’s hybrid SaaS solutions and the value of real cloud-born software

The difference between cloud native and cloud washed software is a nuanced and important topic if you rely on software to run your business. We’ve written a new eBook on the subject breaking down the technological differences between the two approaches to software development, outlining the unique benefits of cloud native software, and introducing Signiant’s approach to cloud software for the accelerated movement of large digital assets.

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Hybrid Software as a Service (SaaS):

The New Way to Move Media

In the field of media production, media and entertainment organizations have yet to fully realize the benefits of software as a service (SaaS) when it comes to a key element of their day-to-day operations: moving the extremely large video and audio files that are the lifeblood of their business. Opportunities remain, however, for media production professionals and teams to seamlessly implement hybrid SaaS solutions into their operations, and enjoy the benefits of this “best of both worlds” approach: fast, easy, secure file transfers that provide users with command over the process and control of their proprietary data.

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Enterprise Strategy Group Report

Signiant Goes to Extremes with Media Shuttle

As file sizes and data sets proliferate, industries that rely on data as a key underpinning of business enablement face even bigger challenges with how they share those files. The file size limits that many file sharing solutions impose can restrict choices, and because most solutions were designed to handle smaller files such as office documents, the transfer times associated with sending extremely large files can be slow and unreliable. Signiant addresses these challenges head on with Media Shuttle, the world’s first extreme file sharing solution.

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