Jonathan Chan Joins Signiant to Lead Americas Sales

Signiant is happy to announce that Jonathan Chan has been appointed to the role of VP, Strategic Accounts, Americas. Reporting directly to Chief Growth Officer Rick Capstraw, Jonathan is now responsible for driving sales activities for strategic accounts in the Americas.   

Based in Los Angeles, Jonathan started his career at Apple, in the pre-iPhone days, leading the Southern California account team, focused on evangelizing Apple products to not only creatives, but also corporations. After being recruited to Verizon Digital Media Services, Jonathan got a real first taste of the Media & Entertainment industry. 

“The customer base is totally different from previous positions,” Jonathan explains, “I knew M&E was my world.” 

Because of his knowledge of the industry, Jonathan was recruited to Zixi, where he developed the sales organization and played a pivotal role in growing the business that enabled streaming services over IP. 

“I’m thrilled that we have been able to get Jonathan to Signiant,” said Rick Capstraw. “His infectious energy, customer-first mentality, and industry experience will help us continue and accelerate the tremendous growth path we are on.”

The Signiant Platform now connects over 50,000 business and 1M+ global users. Recently, Signiant introduced Media Engine, a modern media management service built into the Signiant Platform that makes it easy to search, preview and take action on media assets across any Signiant-connected storage.

“I love getting to know people. We work as a team and we want to succeed as a team and as a company. Your workspace is your family — I really want to make an impact and evangelize my team. I am here to make sure everyone is supported.”

Welcome to Signiant, Jonathan!

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