Signiant vs. Aspera


Signiant vs. Aspera — we’re practically the same, right? After all, we’ve both been providing accelerated file transfer solutions for years. Both organizations have proprietary acceleration technology offering high-speed transfers that can be 100 times faster than traditional methods such as FTP. In fact, many media enterprises have both Signiant and Aspera somewhere in their operations. So, those who have been around the industry for a while often think of us as interchangeable, but today, we’re very different entities based on two significant events that happened several years ago. The first, of course, is that IBM acquired Aspera and absorbed their technology into the IBM machine. Second, around that same time, Signiant decided to go all-in on cloud-native SaaS, and that move transformed Signiant in several significant ways.  

So what makes Signiant different from Aspera?

Signiant is hyper-focused on building capabilities that align with market needs in media and entertainment — not creating bespoke solutions or trying to be all things to all industries. We have thousands of conversations with customers hearing directly where the industry is heading and what customer pain points are most important. Then, delivering those capabilities as part of a simple, powerful portfolio of full-stack SaaS products that are easy to deploy, operate, use, and packaged and priced in ways that align with business value.

Signiant’s Differentiated Value from Aspera

  • Cloud and SaaS Innovator: Signiant remains the innovator in M&E when it comes to cloud and SaaS. Our SaaS platform has seen huge growth year over year with 90+% renewal rates.
  • Simple, No-Surprises Pricing: We pride ourselves on being an easy company to do business with, and we work with companies of all sizes to meet their business needs. Our annual subscription plan —  with defined overage rates — provides predictable annual cost and elasticity, no friction when adding new use cases, and easily accommodates project-related utilization bursts. With tiered pricing, unit costs go down as commitment goes up, improving TCO with increased adoption. The industry appreciates our simple, predictable pricing that aligns with business value.
  • A Commitment to Service: With SaaS, it’s not just the software. The service components of SaaS are mission-critical to ensuring our customers are successful with our products. Our SaaS platform is monitored 24×7 by our SRE team, which ensures the services are always available with the highest performance. They manage all upgrades across regions and ensure all services auto-scale to meet demand. All SaaS subscriptions are monitored by a dedicated Signiant customer success manager focused on customer intimacy, service, and satisfaction with quick callbacks and follow-up. And our technical support team works closely with engineering, so any issues are quickly escalated if needed. Our support team has earned a Net Promoter Score of 90% or higher every year since we began measuring.
  • Storage Independence: Signiant invests heavily in developing software that works with any storage solution our customers might choose. Our software is designed to read and write from virtually any kind of storage, so assets always remain 100% in your control in your choice of storage. Signiant software supports traditional on-premises file storage, on-premises object storage, and cloud object storage from AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

It’s really not about Signiant vs. Aspera — it’s about you. What projects is your team working on, how is your business changing, and how can we help drive efficiencies in your operations.? Let’s start a conversation today.

The Signiant Advantage

Signiant is the market leader in intelligent file transfer. From its market leading products and cloud leadership to world-class customer support, Signiant is the choice solution for the world’s top media companies. Check out why Signiant wins over other file acceleration solutions.

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