Signiant vs. IBM Aspera: A Comparison

Similarities between Signiant and Aspera

Signiant and Aspera (now wholly owned and operated by IBM) have both been providing accelerated file transfer solutions since the early 2000s. Both companies have proprietary acceleration technology that offer high speed, reliable transfers which can be 100 times faster than traditional methods such as FTP. However, the differences in how the two companies approach their software, services and customers are significant.

Why the market is choosing Signiant

1. The market has fully embraced cloud-native SaaS, where Signiant products lead the way with 46% year-over-year SaaS growth and 90+% renewal rates.

2. Many businesses are frustrated by unpredictable pricing, crazy price hikes and bandwidth taxes. Signiant’s customers appreciate its simple, value-based predictable pricing.

3. We’re in a hybrid cloud/multi-cloud world and Signiant products work with both on-premises storage and cloud storage from the all leading vendors.

4. Signiant views SaaS as a long-term relationship with its customers. In fact, its customer support team recorded a 95% Net Promotor Score in 2018.

“We knew we wanted either Signiant or Aspera. At the time, it really came down to pricing.

“Signiant Media Shuttle’s entry-level package was significantly better than Aspera’s, which enabled us to start small, test the waters, and see if the solution would be the right fit for us, without spending too much right off the bat.

“Plus, Signiant was really easy to work with and took the time to understand our business.” ~ Janson Media

After testing Media Shuttle and comparing it to Signiant’s competitors, it made a lot of sense for us in regard to speed, flexibility and professional yet easy UI.” ~ SIM Digital

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