Jet Enterprise Webcast

How Modern Media Enterprises Benefit from Powerfully Simple Automated Content Exchange

Signiant Jet makes it easy, fast and secure to automate transfers between locations, partners and the cloud. Built on the same SaaS platform as Media Shuttle, Jet works with operations of any size and offers enterprise network capabilities, support for cloud object storage, and expanded APIs. There’s rarely a situation where Jet can’t meet the need!

In this webcast, Signiant Chief Product Officer Rick Clarkson and the product management team provides an update on Jet and demonstrate its new enterprise capabilities, including:

  • Enterprise Network Capabilities: Bandwidth controls, firewall relays and pull transfers.
  • Multi-Gbps Transfer Speeds: Our intelligent transport mechanism adapts in real-time to take advantage of all available bandwidth.
  • Visibility: Jet’s intuitive visual interface and automated alerts inform you of all transfer activity.
  • Secure Inter-company Transfers: Jet’s simple, secure handshake mechanism allows partners to set up transfer jobs without sharing passwords or sensitive network information.

Simple, Predictable Pricing: A lower total cost of ownership is designed to meet the needs of operations of any size.

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