Signiant Introduces Patent-Pending Intelligent Transport

New Architecture Leverages Machine Learning to Adapt to Network Conditions in Real-time. The technology determines the fastest way to get data through the network utilizing a patent-pending mechanism that leverages machine learning to make decisions on the fly.

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Signiant’s Cloud-Native Innovations Pave the Way for Next-Generation Media Workflows

At IBC 2018, Signiant will be demonstrating advancements across its entire product line. Signiant will introduce a new ‘IMF Aware’ interface and demonstrate best practices for cloud ingest portals – two important use cases that are growing fast.

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Signiant to Demonstrate New Technology Enhancements to Accelerate Workflows at HPA Creative Tech UK

At the 2018 HPA Creative Tech UK, Signiant will demonstrate new, innovative capabilities that expand the value of its products within the media industry.

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Senior Video Editor at CBN Praises Media Shuttle

Michael Trauffer, Senior Video Editor & Post Production System Administrator at the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), wrote a great comment on one of our LinkedIn posts about their positive experience integrating Media Shuttle into their global distribution workflow. CBN is a brand new customer and thrilled by Michael’s feedback, we contacted him to learn more.

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Meet the Patents: Where Signiant Leads, Others Follow

We realize patents make for dull reading best left to geeks and lawyers. However, if you’re researching vendors, it does make sense to consider the patents the company holds.

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Media Shuttle’s Storage Independence – Customers Embrace the Choices

When talking about the cloud it is always easy to confuse hype with reality. Cloud-adoption within the M&E industry remains uneven, particularly when it comes to content storage and processing. That’s why Media Shuttle allows customers to have either cloud storage, on-premises storage, or a mix of both.

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Streaming to the Cloud with Flight, One of Many New Flight Capabilities

Signiant CTO Ian Hamilton recently wrote an article about the challenges of economically getting high-quality contribution video feeds from remote events back to a permanent facility for, in this case, live processing and delivery to a CDN for live streaming to consumers. This requires a tool – such as Signiant Flight, capable of overcoming the issues of latency and packet loss. Here’s an update on some of Flight’s new features and benefits and a look at some of its use cases.

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Signiant Executives Explain – Part 3: Delivering Better Service with SaaS

In the third part of our Signiant Executives Explain video series, you’ll see how SaaS-based software, cloud-native technology, and deep customer relationships combine to form the crystal ball Signiant uses to forecast technology improvements.

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