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    OTT streaming’s quarantine ascendency continues with a boost from Nielsen

    As streaming has become an increasingly valuable asset across M&E, and proved to be an extremely effective means of distribution, Nielsen’s acknowledgement feels like an official baptism of OTT productions.
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    Introducing Jet APIs

    Now, with the introduction of the Jet APIs, media companies can now go even further to automate processes and integrate Jet into their existing workflows.
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    BBC News Selects Signiant to Accelerate Digital Media Distribution

    “In an increasingly competitive environment, news broadcasters need to receive breaking stories fast. It is imperative for BBC News to have a reliable content delivery system so that it can be first to receive the news from its reporters or ‘citizen journalists’, whether in one of its offices or in a remote geographical location, and then be able to share those stories across its global network.”
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    Signiant Technology Transport Backbone Integrates with IBM Media Hub Solution Framework

    Acting as a content bus, Signiant allows users to easily and securely share, repurpose and move their digital files to more places in a shorter period of time. This means that distributed teams, business partners and outside vendors can easily share and exchange files regardless of size.