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Signiant Technology Transport Backbone Integrates with IBM Media Hub Solution Framework

BURLINGTON, MA (September 5, 2007) — Signiant, the leading developer of digital media distribution management solutions for the media and entertainment industry, today announced that Signiant’s Digital Media Distribution Management Suite integrates seamlessly with the IBM Media Hub Solution Framework. Signiant will demonstrate the solution’s transport capabilities at IBC 2007 in Amsterdam at IBM booth 2.121 and 2.120.

The IBM Media Hub Solution Framework is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based solution for the media and entertainment industry that is designed to manage the increasing complexity of running a content-focused business from the point of creation to the distribution of digital content. IBM Media Hub enables business and process transformation by linking business and content systems together for effective media management.

Working together with IBM Media Hub, Signiant’s Digital Media Distribution Management Suite will provide clients with a transport backbone, effectively managing the distribution of content by accelerating and securing the workflow of digital files.

Signiant’s software is the industry’s only integrated solution that can simultaneously manage, secure, automate and accelerate digital media workflows. It is specifically designed to help rich media content creators and producers easily implement a digital media distribution strategy for their file-based workflows.

IBM Media Hub and Signiant’s Digital Media Distribution Management Suite enable file-based workflows, a dramatic improvement over traditional tape based processes, resulting in increased productivity, shorter production times and ultimately a better quality product.

Acting as a content bus, Signiant’s Digital Media Distribution Management Suite allows users to easily and securely share, repurpose and move their digital files to more places in a shorter period of time. This means that distributed teams, business partners and outside vendors can easily share and exchange files regardless of size. Signiant’s open architecture also allows the easy delivery of high-value digital content to Internet and mobile portals and lets users acquire and exploit community-generated content, thereby allowing them to monetize new and emerging media business models and meet time-to-market demands.

As the size and volume of rich media files continues to exponentially increase, Signiant has developed advanced data differencing techniques that significantly reduce the amount of data to be transferred, thereby dramatically accelerating transfer rates over Wide Area Networks. Moreover, thanks to the software’s active bandwidth management features, users are able to maximize usage of the available network resources.

“As our media clients evolve their digital content distribution strategies, they are seeing both an opportunity and challenge in the distribution of their digital assets,” said Dick Anderson, general manager of Media and Entertainment at IBM. “Signiant’s Digital Media Distribution Management suite’s addition to the IBM Media Hub Solution Framework will help media networks manage, accelerate, and secure the movement of their valuable digital assets.”

“As we speak with leading digital content creators around the world, they are asking for a flexible SOA platform that will allow them to effectively manage the distribution of their valuable digital content,” said Julie Blaisdell, Signiant’s Vice President of Strategic Alliances. “We are excited to work with IBM to deliver this important innovation through Media Hub.”

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