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    Is shadow IT good for most enterprises?

    Sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of preference, younger generations are quick to utilize technologies they are more familiar with and they feel work better; the large majority of which are cloud applications. A recent Netscope Cloud Report found that there is an average of 461 cloud applications running in most enterprise companies — that’s almost ten times more than IT had estimated.
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    Post-Production Product Placement: Extreme time pressure calls for extreme file movement

    Today, some of the most innovative TV advertisers are working with a technique known as post-production product placement, a more natural form of traditional product placement — something that once seemed like an improvement over commercials but has gotten rather ridiculous as of late. Post-production product placements are less disruptive because they are placed in TV shows after they’ve been created, allowing advertisers to carefully select a clip to implant a brand image like the billboard in this scene. They can even insert TV tickers appropriate to each market, allowing viewers to engage with a brand via social media.
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    Digital Media World | Envy Post Speeds Large Files with Signiant Media Shuttle

    Broadcast post production facility Envy Post Production has adopted Media Shuttle hybrid SaaS file transfer to move large files securely between business partners and its global customer base. The company serves and produces content for major UK broadcasters and a number of international channels including Discovery Channel and National Geographic in the US.
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    Broadcast Engineering | Testing FIMS 1.0

    A practical approach to standardization requires more than object models and interface definitions to gain serious traction. Consequently, the FIMS Technical Board recognized the need for a tool to help FIMS implementers validate their implementations. Signiant did as well, given the test-driven development methodology we use to develop software. Using such an approach, developers create and code tests to validate an implementation before coding it. This leads to higher quality products that can be evolved quickly.
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    Inflight Productions Deploys Signiant to Accelerate and Manage the Delivery of Airline Entertainment Programs

    “Signiant’s solutions were the only ones that ticked all the boxes in meeting our file movement requirements, one of the biggest being the ability to provide iron-clad security for transferring full-resolution Hollywood movie assets. By moving away from tape, we’ve been able to reduce our costs by as much as 50 percent, and our business processes have been improved across the board.”
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    Post Magazine | How Content Supply Chain Management will Shape Post

    The trends shaping the post operation of today and tomorrow are all about globalization, decentralization, and collaboration. Whereas most post functions such as editing, dubbing, and special effects were once tape-based and handled in-house by monolithic post companies, today’s digital workflows have enabled many functions to be outsourced to freelancers, mom-and-pop shops, and smaller specialty groups.
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    DMC Adopts Signiant’s Media Distribution Management Software

    In an increasingly competitive market, the ability to cut costs while simultaneously improving our service is a terrific advantage. Signiant’s software covers all our requirements. It will eradicate our reliance on tapes and physical media for content delivery, greatly reduce transport costs and enable faster delivery of content.”
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    Signiant Appoints Wellen+Nöthen as German Reseller

    “File transfer is more than just high speed digital transfer from A to B; automated digital workflows are key to using the full power offered by new technology. Signiant’s software is the first and only complete integrated digital supply chain solution with open interfaces and in-house and wide area transfer workflow options. We are delighted to be working with Signiant in Germany.”
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    NBC Universal Chooses Signiant’s Technology to Power its Digital Media Distribution Management Strategy

    “We decided that digital media distribution management is not something we could piece together from parts of other technologies. Thanks to Signiant’s unique open and integrated technology, we were able to rapidly deploy a solution that fits seamlessly with our existing infrastructure to enhance, automate and extend our every day operations.”