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What does Quibi teach us about streaming under quarantine?

What comes next for Quibi is uncertain, but how the platform adapts to the next few months will go a long way to determining its place in the OTT world when this chaos abates.

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What COVID-19 and the 2007 Writers Strike have in common

M&E is an immensely dynamic industry, and the most successful enterprises within it have always proven themselves to be adaptable, flexible, and unafraid to think outside the box. Examples of disruption in the past — such as the 2007-2008 Writers Strike — offer a valuable handbook to how to approach moments of uncertainty.

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rsync may work for some, but not for M&E

We catalogued exactly what makes rsync such an insufficient file transfer solution in the modern media landscape, and the results are worth considering. Despite a well-deserved reputation as a helpful tool for certain industries, rsync simply doesn’t meet the needs of M&E specifically.

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DPP and Signiant Launch Real-time Research Project into Remote Working in the Time of Coronavirus

The DPP, in partnership with Signiant, has launched a four-month longitudinal research project to chart how feelings and behaviors around remote and distributed working develop across the media industry through the course of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Is your company prepared to work remotely?

Any industry as vast as M&E is relatively unpredictable, and the surrounding unpredictable world only makes it more so. However with remote access, media businesses remain prepared for any disruption that may come their way —whether it’s coronavirus or (hopefully) something less severe.

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Security Risk, Efficiency, and Optimizing Production

“Risk is in the eye of the beholder,” says Ryan Salazer, editor-in-chief at Broadcast Beat and the cohost of Broadcast Beat and Signiant’s most recent webinar discussing how security and efficiency interact. “Disney’s risk is perhaps different than a local advertising agency. And, not all risk is financial.”

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In the current media landscape, Esports is changing the game

As both a social sensation and business, the rise of Esports offers a great deal to enterprises that are wise enough to engage. While previously considered a niche hobby, competitive gaming is swiftly becoming just as popular as traditional sports and pushing industry innovation in ways that no one might have previously predicted.

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The OTT production wars are on and one thing is clear: content remains king

There are a great number of considerations that go into providing content that viewers want to watch, come back to, obsess over, and being able to work alongside the creative partners who can help make the best shows and films available is absolutely essential.

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Global video game development makes accelerated file transfer a necessity

The creation of a game like Assassin’s Creed would be complex even if everyone working on the project was in the same room. In this case, however, not only are essential team members often not in the same room — they’re not on the same continent!

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It’s three in the morning. Do you know where your files are?

The importance and power of robust visibility and control functionalities cannot be overstated, especially in media where files move constantly and security is top-of-mind. The solutions a business relies on to move their content will often dictate their agility, and their ability to complete complex projects.

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Herzlich Willkommen, Jens!

Sit in on our conversation with the newest member of the Signiant team: Jens Fischer. Jens shares his thoughts on Esports, the future of media workflows, and the popularity of remote production.

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When it comes to content production and distribution, what’s keeping you up at night?

Do you worry about security in the wake of major media industry hacks? Do you wonder if the content you sent has arrived at its destination? Are you pondering how to tap into a global talent pool or collaborate with partners around the world?

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