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Signiant Helps Peabody Award Winners and Nominees on the Stories that Matter

Storytelling in documentaries, news, and entertainment is an art form, as well as a public service. The 81st Annual Peabody Awards shined a light on some important stories, focusing on pressing 2020 social issues.

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Signiant Customers Shine in Oscar’s Spotlight

Despite setbacks, Oscar shined a spotlight on an array of fantastic work, legendary faces, and memorable moments this year. Signiant was happy to see some familiar names among those honored.

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2021 BAFTA Award Winners Include a Range of Signiant Customers

Signiant congratulates customers whose achievements and projects were honored by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), both as winners and nominees.

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The 2021 Visual Effects Society Awards Spotlight Signiant Customers

Signiant congratulates customers whose achievements were honored by the Visual Effects Society, both as winners and nominees. Thank you for your incredible talents! Thank you for being a Signiant customer.

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Streaming under COVID-19: a changing landscape

Ultimately, it goes without saying that COVID-19 has changed a great deal in the life of people all around the world, exposing infrastructure shortcomings and pushing industries into precarious and transformative positions. Streaming has played a major role in this.

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Now you’re speaking my language: localization, dubbing, and file movement

Agility and adaptability in localization swiftly become an even bigger part of a supply chain when that supply chain encompasses international partnerships and multiple versions of a given piece of media that will need to be crafted, tailored, and distributed.

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4K vs 8K resolution: can you tell the difference?

Perceived improvement can be a larger consumer force — if it’s 8K, it must be better. Industry publication Streaming Media suggests content producers have long thought High Dynamic Range (HDR) has a far bigger impact on the viewing experience than resolution. But average consumers may believe more pixels equal a better picture, which makes it harder to convince them of HDR when higher resolutions like 4K or 8K are offered.

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Is the industry ready for 8K file sizes?

Some have debated the degree to which or the rate at which 8K adoption will change M&E, but the reality is that adoption is already well underway, and the diversity of applications for this format might go a long way to hasten it. As such, there’s a good chance that 8K will impact media enterprises before they planned on it, and they’ll have to be ready for large file sizes if they want to take full advantage of the opportunity.

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Congratulations to Oscar-winning Signiant customers

We offer our sincere congratulations to everyone whose work the Oscars honored, and we want to extend some very special applause to some of those winners with whom we’ve had the opportunity to work over the years.

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Image Sequence Formats – the challenge of collaborating on millions of files

Image sequence files are usually managed within a hierarchical file system structure and are stored as folders containing multiple image sequence files. When collaborating in these formats, especially across locations and companies, new challenges arise.

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Congratulations to our customers: 2018 Oscar winners for The Shape of Water and more

We wanted to congratulate our customers who worked on 2018 Oscar winning films. Thank you for your unending commitment to making great films that entertain us, educate us, sometime disturb us, and always expand our minds.

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Oscars 2017: Good Luck to Our Customers!

While file movement software isn’t the most glamorous, many of our customers in the media & entertainment industry are using it to accomplish some pretty incredible things. As the Oscars approach, we wanted to recognize some of the companies using our technology to help make it all happen.

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