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    Media Shuttle Facilitates Interoperable Master Format (IMF) Adoption

    In contrast to Signiant’s Media Shuttle’s ease of use, IMF isn’t very user-friendly. Signiant addressed customer concerns with new Media Shuttle functionality that makes it easier for those working with IMF packages to identify and construct the versions they need.
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    Media Shuttle and Signiant Simplify IMF Complexities

    Media Shuttle’s IMF capabilities are a clear example of Signiant’s commitment to meeting the needs of the media industry.
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    SMPTE’s IMF continues evolving

    At any given time, a single piece of content can have dozens of versions to support all the formats, languages, and local regulations. This is why SMPTE published the IMF (Interoperable Master Format) standard.
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    IMF – An update on the fast-growing SMPTE standard

    The demand for content across platforms, devices and regions continues to grow, adding complexity – and opportunity – across the global media supply chain. It is this that led to the development of the IMF standard and its growing adoption by major studios and broadcasters worldwide.
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    Media Shuttle’s New IMF-Aware Capability Makes it Easy and Secure

    IMF (Interoperable Master Format) was designed to address the chaos and inefficiencies involved in versioning programs. While a powerful standard, IMF isn’t user friendly and needs to be handled with secure file transfer software.
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    IMF (Interoperable Master Format) Reaches the Mainstream

    At this year’s HPA Tech Retreat, two full hours on Wednesday were dedicated to IMF (Interoperable Master Format), the SMPTE standard for the file-based interchange of multi-version, finished audio-visual works. The time dedicated to the topic shows the importance of IMF to the industry.