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  • Glowing keys on a media console in a dark room (SHALLOW DOF)

    Bienvenue à Signiant, Xavier!

    Signiant is excited to welcome Xavier Gentric to our EMEA team as the new Territory Sales Manager, based in France! This past week we had the chance to connect with Xavier to discuss his understanding of the media and entertainment landscape and its current trajectory.
  • Signiant Initiatives Further Media Industry Adoption of FIMS

    At NABShow 2013 in Las Vegas next week, the market leader in software for intelligent file movement will demonstrate its FIMS implementation in action, and discuss the company’s technical leadership in the development of the FIMS test harness and RESTful interfaces for FIMS.
  • Leading Digital Services Provider JCA Adopts Signiant

    “Our business depends on systems that allow us to connect seamlessly with our clients and transfer large, high-value media assets as quickly as possible, in order to maintain tight delivery schedules. We adopted Signiant at the request of several of our clients, as it offers the flexibility and managed security we need.”
  • Canada’s Accessible Media Chooses Signiant for Secure, Managed File Exchanges to Support Production of Accessible Content

    “We rely on Signiant to facilitate collaboration among our broadcast facilities and to efficiently move our media in a secure and controlled fashion. With Signiant, we know we can get content where it needs to go very quickly and reliably, which helps us keep to our very tight production schedules.”
  • Margaret Craig Joins Signiant as CEO

    Craig’s background includes executive roles in various parts of the media industry, including both product companies and managed services businesses. She recently served as COO of Network Services for Ascent Media Group, which provided media management, content distribution, and 24/7 on-air broadcast services to media companies.
  • Nordisk Film Chooses Signiant to Build Digital File Exchange Ecosystem with Media Clients

    “The breadth and scale of Nordisk Film’s activities means that managing our collaborations with clients and partners consumes a lot of our time and resources. Finding a way to make these collaborations more efficient and secure has been a big advantage for us.”
  • Loft London Chooses Signiant to Accelerate Digital File Exchanges With High-Profile Media Clients

    “All of our clients have transmission service level agreements that make it imperative for them to receive their content on time. With Signiant, we have complete visibility into the entire transaction, and the system generates a delivery confirmation receipt that ensures that the media has arrived at its destination in good working condition.”
  • Signiant Collaborates With XOS Digital for Innovative Sports Recruiting Application

    “Time is of the essence for college recruiters seeking to sign promising new athletes before rival schools. With Signiant, we’re able to offer our collegiate sports customers a vital service that shaves significant time off the process of identifying, evaluating, and recruiting high school talent from all over the country.”
  • Signiant Provides Seamless Connection to the Windows Azure Platform

    “The link between the Signiant and the Windows Azure platform offers a powerful advantage to our Xbox and Zune development groups. Now that they can seamlessly connect to the Windows Azure platform to upload and work with media files, our developers can take advantage of all the cloud has to offer in terms of speed, security, operational continuity, and business resiliency.”
  • Signiant Signs WWE® to New Agreement

    “Like many large media enterprises, WWE recognizes the tremendous value of a fully managed solution for accelerating file transport, automatically processing content, and seamlessly connecting with business partners.”
  • Marketwire | Avail-TVN Changes the Game for Digital Media Metadata Management

    “Avail-TVN listened to us about the issues we have around metadata preparation and responded with an easy-to-use product that meets our growing needs,” said John Sorensen, VP of Production, Grace Creek Media, Sportskool’s parent company. “The Content Prep solution makes it much easier to manage metadata and focus on getting the right content out to our viewers.”
  • Sports Video Group | NFL World Feed Finds Global Success With Help of NEP, Level 3

    Super Bowl XLV on Sunday closed out a massive week of global awareness for the NFL as the league’s broadcast and operations team pumped out a steady diet of Super Bowl-related content to 190 nations around the world. And the compound shared by the NFL Network and the team behind the NFL’s world feed continues to evolve.