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    Bienvenue à Signiant, Xavier!

    Signiant is excited to welcome Xavier Gentric to our EMEA team as the new Territory Sales Manager, based in France! This past week we had the chance to connect with Xavier to discuss his understanding of the media and entertainment landscape and its current trajectory.
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    Signiant Initiatives Further Media Industry Adoption of FIMS

    At NABShow 2013 in Las Vegas next week, the market leader in software for intelligent file movement will demonstrate its FIMS implementation in action, and discuss the company’s technical leadership in the development of the FIMS test harness and RESTful interfaces for FIMS.
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    Margaret Craig Joins Signiant as CEO

    Craig’s background includes executive roles in various parts of the media industry, including both product companies and managed services businesses. She recently served as COO of Network Services for Ascent Media Group, which provided media management, content distribution, and 24/7 on-air broadcast services to media companies.
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    Nordisk Film Chooses Signiant to Build Digital File Exchange Ecosystem with Media Clients

    “The breadth and scale of Nordisk Film’s activities means that managing our collaborations with clients and partners consumes a lot of our time and resources. Finding a way to make these collaborations more efficient and secure has been a big advantage for us.”
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    Signiant Provides Seamless Connection to the Windows Azure Platform

    “The link between the Signiant and the Windows Azure platform offers a powerful advantage to our Xbox and Zune development groups. Now that they can seamlessly connect to the Windows Azure platform to upload and work with media files, our developers can take advantage of all the cloud has to offer in terms of speed, security, operational continuity, and business resiliency.”
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    Marketwire | Avail-TVN Changes the Game for Digital Media Metadata Management

    “Avail-TVN listened to us about the issues we have around metadata preparation and responded with an easy-to-use product that meets our growing needs,” said John Sorensen, VP of Production, Grace Creek Media, Sportskool’s parent company. “The Content Prep solution makes it much easier to manage metadata and focus on getting the right content out to our viewers.”
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    Sports Video Group | NFL World Feed Finds Global Success With Help of NEP, Level 3

    Super Bowl XLV on Sunday closed out a massive week of global awareness for the NFL as the league’s broadcast and operations team pumped out a steady diet of Super Bowl-related content to 190 nations around the world. And the compound shared by the NFL Network and the team behind the NFL’s world feed continues to evolve.
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    AETN UK Steps into the Future With Signiant File-Based Workflow

    “We are keen to embrace new technologies that enable us to streamline our operations. While the Signiant solution is exactly what we need now, it is also adaptable and scaleable so that it can grow and develop alongside our business, and it also allows us to make VOD business models viable.”
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    EPIX Partners With Signiant to Bring HD Content Workflow Innovation to Marketplace

    “Our mission is to bring our blockbuster movies, concerts, comedy specials and original programming to not just TVs, but to every consumer screen. We are rapidly onboarding new customers and don’t have the luxury of massive legacy infrastructures we can lean on. That demands creating operational efficiencies on a scale never before seen in the entertainment community.”
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    Deluxe and Signiant Team to Deliver Avatar for a Same-Day International Release

    Working with Signiant, Deluxe quickly and securely coordinated dubbing reference materials for actors’ lipsync dubbing work in 18 international languages. The same Signiant software also enabled immediate delivery of the completed dialogue tracks from across the globe for centralized mixing in Los Angeles and London.
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    DMC Adopts Signiant’s Media Distribution Management Software

    In an increasingly competitive market, the ability to cut costs while simultaneously improving our service is a terrific advantage. Signiant’s software covers all our requirements. It will eradicate our reliance on tapes and physical media for content delivery, greatly reduce transport costs and enable faster delivery of content.”
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    SDI Media Group Makes Signiant an Integral Part of its Digital Media Distribution Strategy

    “Signiant has the cutting-edge technology and functionality we need to run our global business. Other systems we looked at fell short. SDI also wanted a platform that was accepted by the industry, and many broadcasters and studios are already using Signiant.”