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Nordisk Film Chooses Signiant to Build Digital File Exchange Ecosystem with Media Clients

High-volume File Transfer and Process Automation Boosts Security and Productivity

BURLINGTON, MA (September 8, 2011) — Signiant, a global leader in intelligent file movement software for the media and entertainment industry, today announced that Nordisk Film, the leading Scandinavian developer of content in movies, games, and music, has chosen Signiant for the creation of a digital file exchange ecosystem with its clients in the region and around the world. Signiant file transfer technology will enable the company to build a secure, high-volume collaboration network for industry partners, with a highly efficient workflow powered by Signiant’s process automation tools.

Founded in 1906, Nordisk Film is the oldest movie production company in the world, and operates production, post-production and distribution facilities, movie theaters, games, and other digital media development activities throughout Scandinavia. With a staff of 1,625 full-time employees in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, Nordisk Film generated total revenue of €383 million in 2010.

To manage file transfer and automate workflow processes, Nordisk Film has purchased the Signiant Manager, High Availability, with 11 Agents and Media Exchange. The Signiant technology will allow Nordisk to create completely automated provisioning workflows that are executed based on business rules, and will increase efficiency by reducing reliance on proprietary skills needed to run complex operations.

“The breadth and scale of Nordisk Film’s activities means that managing our collaborations with clients and partners consumes a lot of our time and resources,” said Wilma Zandbergen, head of digital production at Nordisk Film. “Finding a way to make these collaborations more efficient and secure has been a big advantage for us. Many of the international partners we work with are already users of Signiant technology, so the decision to create our Signiant-based ecosystem in Scandinavia makes good sense in regional terms.”

Signiant connects both internal and external partner sites to facilitate simple collaboration and content exchange. When deployed, a managed B2B content network is created with simple automated movement, ensuring all transfers are centrally managed, monitored, and reported. Signiant is ideally suited for use during the production, capture, or creation of content where multiple sites need to exchange data fast, securely, and reliably with tight business deadlines.

“As a major player in the regional media industry, Nordisk Film acts as a sizeable hub of exchange between collaborating enterprises,” said David Nortier, Signiant’s managing director, EMEA. “Signiant’s central management of content transfers with fast, reliable, and secure movement of files over a WAN, together with the tools to ensure that all processes and transfers are controlled, monitored, tracked, and reported, give Norkisk Film the best possible platform from which to deliver the highest quality service to its partners.”

About Nordisk Film
NORDISK FILM, part of the Egmont group, is the Nordic region’s leading developer, producer and distributor of creative content within film, music and games. Nordisk Film holds the Nordic rights for the distribution of Sony PlayStation and owns cinemas in Denmark and Norway. In addition, Nordisk Film provides production and post-production facilities for a great many Nordic film companies. In 2010, Nordisk Film had a total turnover of EUR 383 million. The company has 1,100 staff throughout the Nordic region. Further information is available at

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