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    Is the industry ready for 8K file sizes?

    Some have debated the degree to which or the rate at which 8K adoption will change M&E, but the reality is that adoption is already well underway, and the diversity of applications for this format might go a long way to hasten it. As such, there’s a good chance that 8K will impact media enterprises before they planned on it, and they’ll have to be ready for large file sizes if they want to take full advantage of the opportunity.
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    Image Sequence Formats – the challenge of collaborating on millions of files

    Image sequence files are usually managed within a hierarchical file system structure and are stored as folders containing multiple image sequence files. When collaborating in these formats, especially across locations and companies, new challenges arise.
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    Investing in more bandwidth? Don’t get charged extra to use it

    We expect to pay Internet providers for bandwidth. However, deploying UDP-based acceleration software is necessary to ensure full utilization of bandwidth, and some acceleration software providers charge based on bandwidth usage.
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    Demand for High Res Content is Driving File Size Growth

    The demand for high resolution content is growing rapidly. Not a statement most of us would be surprised by. What might be surprising, on the other hand, is the size and scale of the files these high res videos yield. Is your team prepared to handle the data explosion?