SkyDrop is now called Signiant Flight.

Signiant’s SaaS solution for the transfer of large data sets into and out of cloud storage is now called Signiant Flight. The product hasn’t changed, just the name. It is still the best solution for moving large files into the cloud quickly. And it works equally well for downloading large files from the cloud.

If you haven’t tried it out, sign up for a free trial of Signiant Flight. Our command line clients and JavaScript API integrate into your application(s) quickly, allowing you to easily add accelerated uploads and downloads to and from cloud storage to any application in seconds.

FAST UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD TO AND FROM CLOUD STORAGE: For all kinds of time-sensitive projects and archiving needs, our patented acceleration technology uploads and downloads large files up to 200x faster than a standard transfer.  And with latency out of the picture, you can enjoy the benefits of cloud storage in a much broader range of applications.

EASY TO DEPLOY AND USE: Start moving data to the cloud within minutes. Signiant Flight, as a unique SaaS solution, removes the operational burden of deploying and maintaining software.

AUTOMATIC SCALABILITY: Flight provides automatic scaling and load balancing, even for huge bulk uploads anywhere in the world.

INTEGRATION FLEXIBILITY: Install Signiant Flight client software in your on-premises infrastructure. Flight offers a wide range of client options makes it easy to including a lightweight Mac and Windows applications.

MULTIPLE CLOUD PLATFORMS: With Signiant Flight, you have a choice of public cloud provider. Signiant provides the complete SaaS solution for Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

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    SkyDrop is now called Signiant Flight

    We are excited to announce a new name for SkyDrop. Signiant’s SaaS solution for the transfer of large data sets into and out of cloud storage is now called Flight. For unforeseen reasons, we had to change the name, but we are happy to have the opportunity to talk more about this up and coming product.