SkyDrop is now called Signiant Flight

An airplane flying towards a setting sun.

We are excited to announce a new name for SkyDrop. Signiant’s SaaS solution for the transfer of large data sets into and out of cloud storage is now called Flight. For unforeseen reasons, we had to change the name, but we are happy to have the opportunity to talk more about this up and coming product.

As file sizes continue to increase and new data-intensive businesses emerge on the market, storage of and easy access to content is a growing problem. For example, anyone needing to digitally preserve stockpiled tape archives on top of incoming high-resolution video and images feels the pain of big data.

A tiered storage and archive strategy involving both on-premises and cloud storage is often the best approach, yet getting large files to and from cloud storage has also been problematic. Signiant Flight is an easy solution, providing a high-speed bridge to cloud storage and fast access when you need to download files from cloud storage. For a more detailed read on Flight technology and how it addresses throughput bottlenecks, check out this blog post.

The product hasn’t changed, just the name, though we do have some exciting product features to announce shortly. Stay tuned for those.

Signiant Flight is still the best solution for moving large files into the cloud quickly. And it works equally well for downloading large files from the cloud – as it always has.

If you haven’t tried it out, sign up for a free trial of Signiant Flight. Our command line clients and JavaScript API integrate into your application(s) quickly, allowing you to easily add accelerated uploads and downloads to and from cloud storage to any application in seconds.

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