• A video game controller.

    In the current media landscape, Esports is changing the game

    As both a social sensation and business, the rise of Esports offers a great deal to enterprises that are wise enough to engage. While previously considered a niche hobby, competitive gaming is swiftly becoming just as popular as traditional sports and pushing industry innovation in ways that no one might have previously predicted.
  • A person filming a concert with their smart phone.

    Social Media is Raising the Stakes for Live Production

    Social media is a vital aspect of live production, almost by design. Live events — be they sporting events, gaming competitions, or holiday spectacles — create a vibrant sense of community for audiences.
  • A man in a gaming chair, wearing a headset and playing esports.

    2019’s SVG Summit presents a thrilling look into a new decade of sports production

    There’s so much going on in sports production. The technological innovations around graphics and AR, the advancement of resolutions, the distribution via OTT platforms, and the integration of social media all combine to make sports production a hot and dynamic place to be right now.
  • The world series being played in a large stadium next to a highway.

    2019 Promises a Next-Level World Series Viewing Experience

    When it comes to producing and broadcasting live sports, particularly an event with the viewership of the World Series, expectations and stakes are extremely high. Each year teams, broadcasters, and sports leagues look for ways to up the ante and provide the most riveting and entertaining experiences possible for fans at the stadium, and at home.
  • A group of Signiant employees wearing Patriot jerseys and other gear.

    Signiant (and the Patriots!) at the Super Bowl once again

    Signiant’s media technology is used by teams across the major sports leagues, including the NFL, and we always appreciate speaking with the dedicated people who bring the sports we love to our screens.
  • A closeup of a soccer ball on a field in a large stadium.

    Case Study: Signiant Provides Game-changing File Transfer Technology to _wige GROUP

    Signiant announced that German production company _wige GROUP has expanded its use of Signiant’s technology to quickly move sports content to customers and partners worldwide. By using Media Shuttle, _wige GROUP was able to improve their customers’ experience and allow them to receive content much faster. As a result, _wige GROUP can incorporate that content into broadcast schedules during the same week, and quickly compile highlights of recent sporting events.