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And Now For Something Completely Different… »

With our deep roots supporting the M&E sector, and its common need to move large files over distance, it is easy to forget that Signiant has long had customers from other industries. Often utilizing very different data types, workflows and tools - and typically involved in products and services utterly unlike those in the media space - many of these industries nevertheless share M&E’s need for fast, reliable, and secure solutions for the movement of their valuable data.

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Snowden Takes Mining Intelligence to the Cloud with Neuroverse »

Launching an innovative SaaS platform for analyzing, exploring and visualizing mining data, Snowden was faced with the challenge of how to enable their customers to upload large geospatial data sets into the cloud from locations all around the world. Then they found Signiant.

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At Discovery, over 600 production partners are delivering to the cloud, turning what took days… into just hours. »

At Discovery Communications, a file delivery process that once involved the shipment of thousands of data tapes from around the world into the U.S. media giant’s Quality Control center has been reimagined for the cloud.

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