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Large machinery loading waste rocks into a dump truck in the Jellinbah Central Mine in Australia.

Signiant Helps Snowden Take Mining Intelligence to The Cloud

Now that NAB – the largest event on the annual Media & Entertainment (M&E) calendar – is behind us, we wanted to talk about another aspect of Signiant’s world, far removed from the bright lights and cameras of showbiz. With our deep roots supporting the M&E sector, and its common need to move large files over distance, it is easy to forget that Signiant has long had customers from other industries. Often utilizing very different data types, workflows and tools – and typically involved in products and services utterly unlike those in the media space – many of these industries nevertheless share M&E’s need for fast, reliable, and secure solutions for the movement of their valuable data. 

Encompassing everything from geospatial imagery, life sciences and energy, to cybersecurity, retail and financial services, our non-M&E customers comprise a diverse group spanning a broad cross-section of enterprises – both in the private and public domain. In today’s data-centric world the creation, distribution, analysis, aggregation and/or management of large data sets is a critical activity impacting virtually all major industry and public services verticals. As supply chains and operations become ever more distributed across an interconnected globe, and as the need for speed and agility become the norm, the challenges and necessities of moving all this data, often over great distances, has correspondingly grown. The value and applicability of Signiant’s product portfolio within these non-M&E sectors has, in turn, paralleled this growth, as reflected by the expanding number of such customers using our products.

Collectively our non-M&E customers use all of our products: Manager+Agents (automated system-to-system file movements), Media Shuttle (person-initiated file sending and sharing) and Flight (unattended file transfers to/from cloud object storage). While those customers in the expanding enterprise video world are moving produced content, much like the majority of our M&E customers, many of those from outside M&E are working with other data types – everything from software designs, forensic disk images and satellite imagery, to genomics datasets, MRI scans and drilling data.

Even for those customers that are using one or more Signiant tools to move video, this is often very different from the produced video assets we find in the M&E world. CCTV, legal depositions, drone videos of crops, and various other uses of video for diagnostic, exploration or research purposes are all video use cases we find among our non-M&E customers.

Among our more interesting non-M&E customers is Australian-based Snowden (a division of Downer Group). Snowden uses Flight to enable their global mining industry customers to upload geospatial data and block models from drilling operations into Snowden’s Neuroverse – an innovative analytics and visualization platform, delivered as a SaaS, and hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Read the case study – Snowden Takes Mining Intelligence to the Cloud with Neuroverse – here, and learn how Signiant’s technology is helping Snowden service an industry where many of the businesses are quite literally digging for gold.

Image courtesy of Snowden: Indra Manik – Loading, Slag Dump Hill, Sorowako, Indonesia

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