upload large files

The modern business world is more connected than ever, making the transfer of large files a common daily practice. Whether you’re uploading an archive of massive business files into the cloud for a collaborative project or sending a live video feed of a major sporting event to a distant production studio, the exchange of large files is the heartbeat of data and media-centric businesses. However, not all methods of uploading large files are created equal.

Uploading large files with standard Internet protocols like FTP and TCP can be risky as these processes are slow, prone to failure and typically unsecure. These risks are magnified when you’re uploading large files across long distances. Some businesses will try expanding the size of their bandwidth to help accelerate their large file upload speeds, but higher bandwidth capacity does not mitigate the latency of long-distance transfers using FTP and TCP.

Media Shuttle by Signiant is helping businesses across several industries meet their file transfer goals. Designed for fast uploads at any distance around the world, Media Shuttle is proven file acceleration technology that speeds up transfers over public and private networks. See Media Shuttle to learn more about the easiest and most reliable way to upload large files of any size, anywhere and fast.