Large File Transfer to Amazon S3 Media Analysis Solution


If you want to harness important metadata from video, audio or images, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers Media Analysis Solution, a quick and easy application that doesn’t require machine learning expertise. According to AWS, the Media Analysis Solution is “a reference implementation that uses serverless, AWS-native AI services to automatically extract valuable metadata from media files.”

While you’ll need some experience working with web application and architecting on the AWS cloud, Amazon has done the heavy lifting normally required to use their cloud metadata services, i.e. extensive knowledge of deep-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) services. Media Analysis Solution also has a simple web-based UI that allows you to upload media files, search through your library and analyze and extract metadata. However, there is a pretty major limitation on the size of files you can upload (100MB).

File Size Limitations in the Media Analysis Solution

If you work with video — especially higher res formats like 4K or even 8K — then 100MB won’t get you very far. You can transfer larger files to Amazon S3 with your own tools and applications such as the solution API, AWS API, or AWS CLI. However, while those tools work well for large file transfers, they are slow, especially if you’re moving data over distance or uploading from multiple locations around the world. For that you need is acceleration technology.

Signiant Flight: If you are already using HTTP-based upload utilities like AWS CLI and find them too slow and unpredictable, then pairing what you’re using with Signiant Flight will generate significant improvements. Flight employs Signiant’s patented acceleration technology and scale out architecture to achieve multi-Gbps speeds. Flight is a SaaS solution that can be deployed anywhere and you will only be charged when you’re using it.

Signiant Flight with Signiant Manager+Agents: For advanced enterprise applications, using Flight with Manager+Agents provides a complete solution for automating and managing large-scale data transfers in and out of AWS. Data can be moved over standard IP connections or private AWS Direct Connect connections, providing unified control and visibility into all transfers.

Signiant Media Shuttle: While both Flight and Manager+Agents provide automated means to transfer large files to AWS, often people need to initiate transfers, either as an ongoing part of a workflow or on an occasional basis. Signiant’s Media Shuttle is a SaaS offering that utilizes a simple Web interface to transfer large files to and from your AWS S3 buckets.

Benefits of Signiant for AWS data ingest

When you need to transfer large files to Amazon S3 Media Analysis Solution or any other AWS service — especially if long distances, multiple source locations, or flaky networks are involved — then Signiant solutions will not only work for you but will further enable cloud adoption by providing:

Speed: Take advantage  of multi-Gbps transfer rates to AWS, even in the presence of latency and congestion.

Cloud-Native Implementation: Both Flight and Media Shuttle are cloud-native SaaS solutions, removing the need to procure or manage cloud infrastructure. Signiant handles all of that, and our 24/7 DevOps team monitors the system for thousands of customers worldwide.

Security: All Signiant solutions are designed from the ground up to be highly secure. Our software is trusted by most of the world’s top media enterprises to move their valuable content around the world.

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