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Signiant’s solutions are essential wherever there is a need to move large files with speed, reliability, and security.

Introducing Signiant Jet - the fastest, easiest way to automate system-to-system file transfers

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Reflection on IBC 2019 and the Future of Rapidly Evolving M&E

The M&E industry is in an exciting period of innovation, and nowhere was this energy more apparent than at this year’s IBC. We had the opportunity to speak with organizations, vendors, and thought leaders to better understand where M&E businesses going, and what they need.

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FTP Replacement May be Essential to Securing Content Supply Chains

Major media enterprises and content security associations are seeking to replace FTP across the industry's inherently interconnected global supply chain as cybersecurity experts continue to warn of its potential threat to network security, intellectual property and privacy.

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Inside the Media Operations Hurricane

The modern M&E landscape is a hurricane of collaboration that not only defines how most media organizations approach content creation and distribution, but it is also largely what has contributed to the development and success of evolving technologies and artistic visions.

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Media Shuttle by the Numbers:


Connected businesses


Global users




PB data transferred

Why Signiant?

Signiant has a history rooted in developing file transfer software for some of the world’s largest companies. Originally created to move huge code bases around the world for global software development, Signiant’s solutions are useful wherever there is a critical need to move large data sets with security, reliability, and speed.

We love serving the imaginative and highly intelligent customers we get to interact with everyday. Their work inspires us to keep innovating and stay at the head of our field. And we hope Signiant software helps ours customers do the same. Read more


Signiant Reflects on IBC 2019, and the Future of Rapidly Evolving M&E

The M&E industry is in an exciting period of transformation, and Signiant is thrilled to be in the midst of… read more


Signiant Expands its SDCX SaaS Platform to Dramatically Simplify Fast, Secure Intercompany Content Exchange

At IBC2019, Signiant will introduce new capabilities to its SDCX (Software-Defined Content Exchange) SaaS platform to simplify secure content exchange… read more

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