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Use Cases for Game Developers, Publishers, Distributors, and more

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Asset Transfer Between Studios

Game development often involves collaboration between multiple studios across different geographical locations. The Signiant Platform facilitates the rapid and secure transfer of large digital assets, such as 3D models, textures, and sound files, ensuring efficient workflow between collaborating studios.

Cloud Storage Integration

With the increasing use of cloud services in game development, Signiant’s ability to integrate with various cloud storage platforms allows for seamless movement of large files to and from the cloud. This is essential for backup, archiving, or utilizing cloud-based computing resources.

Remote Work & Collaboration

Especially relevant in the era of remote work, the Signiant Platform allows team members to quickly and securely access and share large game files from any location. This ensures that remote teams remain as efficient as those working on-site.

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QA Testing Transport

Signiant software can efficiently handle the distribution of large game builds to many playtesters, ensuring that all testers have the latest version of the game for testing purposes.

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Secure Distribution of Builds

The Signiant Platform ensures the secure and efficient distribution of large game builds to various platforms and retailers, safeguarding against leaks and ensuring timely delivery.

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International Localization

For games being released in multiple regions, Signiant helps in the quick transfer of localized assets such as language files, ensuring timely and synchronized global releases.

The Signiant Platform is designed for the diverse and demanding data transfer needs inherent in the game development pipeline, from casual indie games to AAA titles. Signiant excels in seamlessly transferring various types of content — whether it’s large game builds, extensive asset libraries, or intricate motion capture data. With its robust capabilities, Signiant ensures efficient and reliable content movement across multiple studios, cloud environments, and remote artists, streamlining the creative process at every level.

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Li Xiao Song, Service Manager

“Without Signiant, we wouldn’t be able to collaborate between our studios, which is an essential part of the global game development work we do at Ubisoft”

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A Signiant Platform subscription unlocks a suite of advantages for
game developer workflows, ensuring:

Speed and Productivity

  • Speed and Productivity

    Signiant software offers accelerated multi-Gbps transfer rates into, out of, and between cloud storage endpoints, effectively managing latency and congestion to speed up development cycles.


  • Reliability

    The Signiant Platform ensures that game files and builds are delivered with byte-for-byte accuracy and features Checkpoint restart, which allows interrupted transfers to restart automatically from the point of failure.


  • Security

    The Signiant Platform is designed to adhere to high-security standards and is trusted by many top gaming enterprises globally for transferring valuable content.

Control and Visibility

  • Control and Visibility

    Admins can control and monitor who accesses files and when, maintaining transparency and oversight and streamlining infrastructure management.


  • Simplicity

    Signiant products provide simple user interfaces for centralized administration access and easy onboarding.

Easy API Integration

  • Easy API Integration

    Signiant APIs allow for easy integration into existing workflows, streamlining game development by eliminating data transfer bottlenecks.

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The Signiant Platform builds on the foundation of our world-class fast file movement apps and adds workflow-centric production services that make working with media even more efficient.

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