Telefónica: Intelligent File Transfer on the High Seas

Signiant’s technology takes those bandwidth challenges and efficiently moves content through narrow pipes and high-congestion. For Telefónica and Spain’s Ministry of Defence, Manager+Agents solved those challenges.

Signiant Applications: Media Shuttle as a perfect DAM/MAM companion

There’s plenty to Shuttle, and for asset managers challenged with keeping their MAMs clean and aiding end-users and partners in keeping content flowing, we’re happy to share how the world’s top M&E organizations are leveraging Shuttle to meet that challenge.

Where does media truly stand with 5G?

“5G removes all the limitations we had with the things you have to plug in. Less gear and no limitation on where you can be,” Sahara says. “As long as you're somewhere in the network, somewhere you can get a signal, you can do what you need to do. And that's the freedom that 5G will enable.”

In the face of COVID-19, the media industry is showing support, camaraderie, and perseverance

There are many opportunities to see how individuals and organizations are leveraging their global reach and their increasing connectivity with customers and industry comrades to alleviate the stresses of COVID-19.

The Esports phenomenon is bringing new challenges and opportunities in media tech

Esports, as it stands, is experiencing immense growth, and a heretofore undreamt-of level of legitimacy, and with that comes a trove of needs and opportunities that media technology businesses should be paying extremely close attention to.

The game is changing in live production

Live production is one of the best examples of how dynamic M&E can be. By their very nature, live events are unpredictable and fluid, both qualities that are central to their thrill. Of course, with that thrill come unique challenges.

Why many studios and broadcasters are banning FTP from their supply chain

For decades, FTP has been used in the M&E industry to move files between servers and for distributing them around the world. And for just as long, cybersecurity experts have been warning of its potential threat to network security, intellectual property and privacy. Nevertheless, FTP has persisted.

Signiant’s Unique Acceleration Technology

Learn why it’s necessary even with high-bandwidth connections, how it’s difference from open-source UDP, how it improves cloud transfers, and about Signiant’s new intelligent transport mechanism.