The Need for Speed Series Part 3: Media Shuttle – Signiant’s Answer to Today’s Need for Speed

Signiant software helps the world’s top content creators and distributors ensure fast and secure delivery of large files over public and private IP networks.

Easy, Fast and Secure Media File Transfer – the Bigfoot of Post

A full review of our Media Shuttle product by VFX Supervisor and Founder of Pixerati, Damian Allen, featured on ProVideo Coalition.

Signiant’s File Transfer Acceleration: What It Does And Doesn’t Do

A dive into what problems Signiant's products solve: what we do and don't do in the world of file transfer acceleration

Moving Large Files Between People: One solution that covers it all

Tired of shipping hard drives and struggling with FTP? Media Shuttle is a person-to-person SaaS large file transfer solution that can cover it all.

The historical growth of data: Why we need a faster transfer solution for large data sets

As the data explosion continues, bandwidth and latency are growing concerns.

Signiant’s Core Technology: The powerful platform behind all of our products

Curious about the core technology platform driving Media Shuttle, Flight and Manager+Agents?


Learn about Media Shuttle's hybrid SaaS system architecture, and how Shuttle is optimized for IT professionals responsible for overseeing the system.

Methods for Moving Large Files In and Out of Cloud Object Storage

The major public cloud providers offer a range of solutions for ingesting data to their platforms.