Four Stages of Development: Improving Upload Speeds to the Cloud

Signiant Flight evolved in parallel with the maturing of cloud technology.

What is Latency?

Learn how different Internet protocols handle large file transfers in high latency, high bandwidth networks.

Teaming for SaaS: The new era of sports video production

Find out why teams from the NFL, NBA, NHL and the IRB are using Media Shuttle.


How does Media Shuttle support the specific needs of operations managers and end users? Learn about Shuttle's three portal modes, and how to manage and use them.

How Flight Works: The Technical Perspective

How Flight executes both uploads and downloads to and from cloud object storage.

The Magic Behind Media Shuttle: Acceleration, Reliability and Security

Read about the technical challenges within the Media & Entertainment industry that Shuttle was developed to address.

Solutions for Big Data File Transfer

Learn how organizations that generate massive unstructured data sets can move them between locations or into the cloud for big data analytics with Hadoop.