Accessing Large Media Files While Working Remotely

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Starting in March 2020, we saw a huge spike in demand for Media Shuttle from our media and entertainment industry customers as the world was forced to work remotely. The last two years have seen a huge increase with Media Shuttle users doubling to more than one million. Nobody could have predicted this new reality, and we’re well past the point where most of our customers had to adopt new ways of working. At Signiant, helping our customers work however and wherever they want is what we’re all about.

Now that the pandemic appears (hopefully) to be leveling off, remote work looks like it is here to stay. As with most things in media, there are unique challenges and unique requirements. Companies need the ability to onboard new users and partners easily, to provide secure access to media assets on any storage, to keep track of who has accessed which assets and when and of course to do it all fast.

It’s a world we were made for.

Hybrid Work Made Easy

Our products are built for the system requirements of letting artists and producers collaborate digitally on remote production projects, however far-flung they or their assets may be.

Storage independence and enterprise-grade security are as critical as ease of use. It all works together to let you onboard fast, scale up and down as you need, and manage a fluid workforce — all without IT intervention.

Our Strengths

Fast: Our proprietary file transport minimizes the impact of latency and packet loss and lets you take advantage of all available bandwidth to get you the fastest possible transfers.

Reliable: Media Shuttle transfers are done through a series of fail-safes that get assets where they need to go with byte-for-byte accuracy quickly and safely. Transport failures are a thing of the past because Checkpoint Restart makes the task set-and-forget, automatically picking up any interrupted transfer from the point of failure.

Secure: Our products are built upon uncompromising principles, not just security software.

Well-Defined Trust Model: Where interactions and connections are denied in the absence of basis-of-trust frameworks.

Least Privilege: Where every connection and task is executable with the least possible access necessary to complete it, reining in ‘access creep’.

Secure by Default: Where access is as simple with security protocols as without them, removing the incentive to circumvent security when it’s inconvenient.

Defense in Depth: Where multiple security compromises have to happen in tandem to allow for a breach.

Accessible: Nobody wants to add to their software load, so our product interfaces are straightforward to let operations teams easily and quickly onboard and remove staff. Assigning and managing granular access depending on duties and projects completes the picture. For end users, it’s drag-and-drop simple with no training required to access and share files.

Visible: Another crucial aspect of product interfaces is at-a-glance insight into the state of assets in transit. It includes where assets are, where they’re going and when they’re expected to arrive as well as the means to track the chain of custody, which is critical in the event of a security incident.

Storage Agnostic: In a world where assets reside in all types of storage, on-prem and in the cloud, Media Shuttle makes it seamless to access assets from any storage, anywhere in the world.

The Future Remote Workforce: The events of the last couple of years have thrust us rudely into the future, and many are still playing catch-up with fewer, more geographically dispersed staff and higher content management needs than ever.

Get Started

Media Shuttle is a proven, battle-tested solution with more than one million users worldwide who access and share petabytes of high-value content every month. Ask a Signiant representative to learn how you can experience Media Shuttle today.

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