Easy, Flexible and Cost-Efficient Ways to Archive Your Media Files to the Cloud

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Historically, moving an archive of content to the cloud, whether that’s migrating media files en masse or moving them steadily over time as they are ready, has been too expensive and complex for many companies to deploy. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case.

Signiant’s cloud-native SaaS products make it easy and cost-effective to move archives to AWS, Azure or GCP. In fact, Signiant software helps companies automate their file transfer to migrate several petabytes of content to and from the cloud every month. Whether it’s a scheduled job, hot folders, person-initiated or API driven, Signiant has it covered. Signiant software is used for a wide variety of cloud I/O workflows but is particularly valuable in situations when there is an ongoing flow of content whether steady or in spikes, when multiple locations are in play or when multiple cloud providers may be in use either now or in the future. Flexibility is key in this fast-changing world and that is where Signiant shines, helping media companies remain agile.

Flexibility On-Premise and In the Cloud

With Signiant, it’s incredibly easy for businesses of all sizes to automate file movement between any storage locations, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Signiant operates auto-scaling servers and software in all cloud data centers so there’s nothing to deploy in the cloud.

Easy to Use Console Gives You Granular Control

Signiant’s well-designed, centralized console offers straight-forward, yet powerful controls for managing file migration. Automating or scheduling file moves based on triggers or metadata is easy, and you can also set bandwidth policies and rules on a per-asset basis to help further manage task priorities.

Unprecedented Reliability 

File transfer is done through a series of fail-safes that get assets where they need to go quickly and safely. Network drop-outs, signal interruptions and transport failures are a thing of the past because technologies like Checkpoint Restart make the task set-and-forget.  Signiant software never compresses or alters files in any way ensuring your archives are delivered to the cloud with byte-for-byte accuracy.

Cost-Efficient Media Lifecycle Management

Signiant solutions are cloud native and based on robust programming that takes advantage of the transport and storage infrastructures of AWS, Azure and Google. These cloud providers offer multiple tiers of storage to help manage costs and include policy controls so you can easily and automatically expire or move older content to lower cost tiers of storage.

And, of course, Fast File Movement Speed

When moving large media archives to the cloud, speed is an important factor. Whether it’s getting content off-site at night to keep the network clear during the day, simply keeping up with the amount of content generated in a day or getting content off an OB truck at a live event and into archive to help shut down more quickly can all help save time and money.

Automating your file movement helps alleviate the expense and complex process of archiving media files. If you’re moving large archives to the cloud, any cloud, let’s talk!

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