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Flexible Metadata Collection with Media Shuttle

Jun 30, 2021 By Jon Finegold

As a media asset makes its way through the supply chain, much of its associated metadata is generated automatically or assigned programmatically. But people remain deeply involved in many parts of the content creation and distribution process, and sometimes metadata is best captured directly from the media professionals who interact with the asset along the way. 

The metadata input by people is often simple descriptive or contextual information that defines the content or supports its transition to the next workflow step. For example, a cable network or OTT provider will want to ensure that production partners provide the season number and episode number along with the program master when they deliver each part of a series. Individuals responsible for sending the finished work are well positioned to provide this information, but they need a simple mechanism for doing so. 

Media Shuttle, Signiant’s widely-deployed SaaS solution for person-initiated transfers, is often used to move assets from one lifecycle step to the next ⎯ so it makes sense to append metadata capture to this familiar tool. In the latest installment of our Metadata Everywhere series, Media Shuttle’s Metadata Input Capabilities, Signiant explores the challenges of collecting metadata from people and how Media Shuttle’s metadata collection functionality makes it easier, including:

  • Intrinsically maintaining the link between an asset and its metadata
  • Giving an organization’s technical administrators the freedom to produce custom forms that minimize data entry errors, collect exactly the right information, and are tuned for their end users
  • Making it easy to configure processes that enforce metadata entry prior to allowing content to be uploaded

Modern media workflows are highly dependent upon accurate and complete metadata. Signiant helps media and entertainment companies move beyond the use of inflexible, generic data input forms and implement robust solutions to optimize operational efficiency and data integrity. Signiant ensures that both your valuable content and its associated metadata arrive quickly, securely and reliably at their intended destinations.

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