Introducing Signiant Jet! A new SaaS solution for SMBs to automate system-to-system files transfers

Signiant new product Jet

It’s time to say goodbye to scripted FTP and clunky, legacy file transfer software. Today, we are thrilled to introduce Signiant Jet.

Jet is a brand-new SaaS solution for automated, high-speed transfers of large data sets between locations around the globe. It is ideal for small and mid-sized organizations with multiple locations, or those that regularly exchange data with partners, customers and suppliers.

What’s new about Signiant Jet?

Jet brings together two powerful aspects of Signiant’s technology platform:

1. Signiant Manager+Agents is the gold standard for automated system-to-system file movement and is relied upon by most of the world’s largest media companies. Manager+Agents is sophisticated enterprise software that is capable of supporting even the most complex workflows and network configurations.

2. Signiant’s unique hybrid-SaaS architecture — Jet is built on the same SaaS platform that delivers Signiant Media Shuttle to over 400,000 global users. Signiant’s unique architecture provides customers with all the benefits of a cloud-native SaaS solution while giving them complete control over valuable media assets in their own storage. Once a small piece of software is deployed in the customer’s data center at any location that needs to transfer files, all administration, configuration and monitoring is done from an intuitive and secure web interface.

New Signiant Product Jet

Plus, a new patent-pending intelligent transport

With Jet, Signiant is also introducing its fastest transport yet, a new patent-pending intelligent mechanism that employs machine learning to adapt to network conditions and provide optimal throughput in every situation.

Key Benefits for Media Companies

Signiant Jet provides many key benefits to media companies, including:

Speed: Jet employs Signiant’s fastest transport yet, a new mechanism that employs machine learning to adapt to network conditions and provide optimal throughput in every real-life situation.

Ease: Within Jet’s intuitive visual interface, administrators can easily deploy and monitor transfers and configure alerts. Customers can be up and running in a day.

No Limits: Jet can handle any size file quickly, and never imposes limits on the amount of data transferred or puts constraints on bandwidth use.

Checkpoint Restart: Any transfers that are interrupted are automatically restarted from the point of failure, which is critical for automated, large file transfers.

Traceability: In the fast-paced, security-conscious world of media, it’s important to have a reliable record of when and where files were transferred. Jet provides customers with easy access to this data.

Security: Following defense-in-depth design principles, Jet incorporates multiple layers of security controls. Signiant is a recognized security leader across the M&E industry, including earning the DPP ‘Committed to Security’ mark.

SRE Team: The Jet solution is built on Signiant’s multi-tenant, auto-scaling, load-balanced cloud control layer, managed 24/7 by the company’s professional Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team.

Delivered as a cloud-native SaaS solution, Jet scales to the needs and budget of any size company, and represents a major advancement in Signiant’s mission to improve the performance and security of the global media supply chain, supporting the participation of organizations around the world, no matter their size or location.

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