fast file transfer

More businesses are transferring large files over long distances today than ever before. Whether you’re in the entertainment industry or medical field, you’ll find yourself working with data that has moved between multiple locations. Despite file transfer being a common practice, not all files move at the same speed. Many details impact file transfer including the size of the file, the end-point locations, the path, the devices, firewalls, network systems, and encryption.

Up until recent technology innovations, transferring large files over a high bandwidth network would take a long time with major security risks. Traditional web and file transfer protocols (FTP) were greatly affected by the distance a file would travel due to latency and loss compensation. Recent technology innovations have made file delivery quicker and easier, and Signiant is leading the way in file transfer.

Using Signiant’s acceleration protocol makes delivery times up to 200X faster than previous FTP solutions with 95% higher network efficiency. Our UDP acceleration protocol compensates for network latency and loss in IP networks.

The Signiant software suite offers unparalleled capabilities for bandwidth management. We provide predictable transfer times and prevent overloading of the network. Media Shuttle ensures fast file transfer to save your company time, money and stress.

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Signiant & Pixit Media Integration Rapidly Locates Media Assets and Accelerates File Transfers »

Signiant and Pixit Media have collaborated to create an integration of Pixit’s PixStor rapid search with intelligent and accelerated file transfer using Signiant’s Media Shuttle.


The Detroit Lions use Media Shuttle to extend media coverage while meeting NFL security protocols »

“Media Shuttle allows us to quickly and easily make video files available to news outlets and still be in compliance with NFL security protocols.” ~ Ben Manges, Detroit Lions Senior Director of Corporate Communications and New Media


On a Mission: Joyce Meyer Ministries adopts Signiant Flight and Media Shuttle for cloud storage archives and fast file transfer »

“We did a ton of research, looked at Signiant’s competitor and also consulted with our contacts throughout the industry.” ~ Eric Grau, Head of the Media Asset Management Department at Joyce Meyer Ministries


Large File Transfer to Amazon S3 Media Analysis Solution »

Media Analysis Solution has a simple web-based UI that allows you to upload media files to Amazon S3, search through your library and analyze and extract metadata. However, if you work with higher res video, the 100MB file size limitation is inhibitive.


Trouble with SharePoint file size limits? How to share large files over 2GB fast »

Even though the maximum file size limit for SharePoint 2016 is 10GB and 15GB for SharePoint Online, here’s why you might be having trouble sharing large files over 2GB.