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The explosion of streaming services, the globalization of content, and multi-channel, multi-screen distribution have media companies producing more in less time. The amount and size of high-resolution video, dailies, graphic, review-and-approve, promo, and PR files — not to mention all the master versions — have only increased, which puts fast file transfer at a premium. There is simply less time to move more. Any obstacles to transferring files quickly throughout the production, post-production, and delivery process can lead to disaster for a project. 

Signiant has long been a market leader in fast file transfer, holding several patents in this area, and our software is relied upon to move petabytes of high-value content every day. Each of Signiant’s products leverages our proprietary fast file transfer technology, moving content up to 100x faster than standard Internet transmission speeds. Signiant’s acceleration technology can move any size file or data set over any IP network while taking advantage of all available bandwidth.

While our transport technology adds value in many situations, the speed difference is most notable with large data sets, long distances, or highly-congested networks and, somewhat counter-intuitively, when there is more bandwidth.

  • Signiant’s transport technology eliminates the impact of latency and packet loss
  • The entire file is always sent byte for byte, without compression
  • Signiant adds Checkpoint Restart on top of its transport technology to automatically restart any interrupted transfer from the point of failure, without losing data

Signiant software products specialize in fast file transfer, no matter the size or needs of your business. Media Shuttle is the easiest and most reliable way for people to send any size of file, anywhere, fast. With more than 1,000,000 global end-users, Media Shuttle is the de facto standard in the industry for person-initiated file transfers. Jet is a powerfully simple solution for automated, fast file transfers between locations, between partners and to and from the cloud.

Compare Your Speed with Signiant

Take our File Transfer Calculator for a drive. Though we don’t offer options for every city and bandwidth, you can easily get a sense of the performance improvement you gain with Signiant products. Play around with different file sizes, bandwidth and locations. Note that the larger the file size, the higher the bandwidth and the further the location, the more you will benefit by using Signiant’s file acceleration technology. Of course, real-world results may vary depending on your specific network configuration.

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